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July 28, 2009

Wedding Insurance - CHECK!

So you may call me risk adverse... but ok, well after the swine flu episode with my good friend's wedding in Puerto Vallarta and then hearing horror stories, i thought it best to take thinking about it into more concrete, getting insurance.

Wedding insurance covers various things... for instance (just an example):

Under this level, up to 75k (through wedsafe) is covered in the event of full cancellation or postponement, and in order to prevent full cancellation or postponement - up to X amount is covered within each category. The greatest part of this is that b/c my Brother and Sister in Law are on the venue contract; by putting the insurance under their names - the insurance covers the honorees of the party (FH and I) and them! So it's perfect since their names are on the venue contract. Also, with Wedsafe, they also cover the rehearsal dinner as long as its within a certain time frame of the event, as well as hotel accomodations, and even honeymoon costs (if the event is actually cancelled). So its best to round up, and make sure you find the insurance amount that will for sure cover all your costs - in worst case scenario.

I'm feeling a bit relieved now that we have this and not as worried about vendors going out of business etc... It's a small price to pay for some peace of mind... i think!

Anybody else do wedding insurance?


  1. Hmm we are thinking about it but not sure yet though. I am only worried b/c we are having a winter wedding and may need it in case of a freak snow storm or something crazy like that.

  2. My library venue requires that I buy $1 million worth of insurance to use their venue. I also am going to use wedsafe (the venue recommended it). But for everything else, I am not planning to get insurance.

  3. My venue requires the same! Wedsafe provides a discount if you book both through them. I saved close to $100-$125 doing it that way!!!

  4. We have talked about it but have not purchased any yet, but its a very smart thing to do.

  5. It's certainly worth considering getting wedding insurance.


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