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July 29, 2009

Winner of Cigar Roller Giveaway!

The Cigar Roller giveaway was quite a success. After two weeks of running and 65 entries (including 3 from twitter) - we have a winner!  But before I announce the winner, I have to really say thank you to a couple of my readers who diligently entered almost daily (if not daily) and actively tried to win. I would love to give this gift to all of you, but stay tuned, we shall have more great giveaways soon!

And without further ado... The cigar roller gift box is given to...

Her winning entry is:

Nicole-Lynn, be sure to contact me at so that i can put you in touch with Coastal Cigars and Congratulations! Thanks for all your entries and daily comments prove yet again to pay off for our winners! :)


  1. Congrats Nicole-Lynn!

    And THANKS Relentless Bride for a great contest!

  2. CONGRATS, Nicole-Lynn!

    Relentless Bride, that was an awesome contest!! Thanks again for the opportunity.

  3. Thanks everyone! I was just about to enter again and I noticed I had won! Very exciting :)

  4. Hey ,Congrats Nicole-Lynn !
    On your grant success.Really,you had done a great job.


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