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August 27, 2009

Has Money got you down?

Not to put a damper on all the joys of wedding planning, but lately i've been feeling really stressed and tired. A lot of frustration coming from the economic situation and feeling a bit helpless. With the wedding six months away, i feel the purse strings tightening... and then i realize, wow... am i really one to complain? Then the guilt hits... and I realize, I'm still a lot better off than many people and have so much to be thankful for... yet i'd also like my moment of self pity where the stresses of money and family and life just come down on me like a ton of bricks...

Again... not to put a damper on all the joys of wedding planning (b/c it can be so much fun and full of happiness), but i just need to embrace reality for a second before i push it to the back of my head and feign like everything will be ok...

Excuse this temporary change of our regularly scheduled broadcast... me and my happy butt will be back tomorrow feeling a lot better :)

Thanks for understanding!


  1. It's OK we all have days or weeks like that during wedding planning. It takes work to keep the right balance of being realistic in our expectations and grateful for what we have.

  2. It's important to think realistically about finances. I think it will keep you sane and help not to turn the wedding into an over-spent affair.

  3. i have the same conversation with myself...even when i go shopping! or planning a vaca... it wasn't only with the wedding!

  4. Life can be pretty stinkin busy and hectic and stressful under the best of circumstances...

  5. Money always gets me down! I wish I could tell you it gets better after the wedding, but it still hasn't for us! I just keep telling myself that some day we'll look back on these days of having little money and laugh!

  6. For the first 6 months of wedding planning hubby didn't have a job. I was paying for wedding stuff and regular household stuff on my tiny nonprofit salary. I understand feeling stressed. For me it made me pretty creative and discover what I had to have and what I felt pressured to have.
    Deep breaths sweetie. You gotta do what's right for you :)

  7. Right there with you Amy! Some days I get all frustrated with the lack... then other days I am amazed at the surplus! I think we are allowed our bad days, as long as they number smaller than the good days ;~) Hugs to you!


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