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August 04, 2009

JCPenney Registry Review

As most of my readers know, I live our nation's capital Washington, DC.  Many people in this area don't have cars and survive mostly on public transportation. Although, i'm a city-girl by definition, i definitely feel more like a country girl stuck in the city. I'm originally from Orange County, CA (suburbs of LA) which is a little more city than country but definitely not as urban as Los Angeles. I then lived in Bloomington, Indiana for three years and absolutely loved it. I should have known i'm a country girl at heart b/c even my college and grad school years were spent in a small area east of LA called the Claremont Colleges... I loved the quaint village type feeling of Claremont but didn't know it was more than that. Then when i got to Bloomington, I realized... "I LOVE quiet, laid back, relaxed and quaint...." I do... Alas, now... I live in the city or the "district" as FH calls it. We have a car and visit his family at least once a month in NJ. So we do get out of the city and i get that open air feeling...

So i'm sure you are thinking what does this have to do with weddings and registries?  Remember back when I first approached the registry issue and my wedding? Well, seeing as lately, I've had a hard time leaving my condo for anything but grocery shopping and dog walking (even my gym is in my building)... and I've been spending so much time on the internet, I thought, "I'd love to see how "city-life" and "country-life" friendly the JCPenney Registry is."  So from start up to purchase, I'm exploring the JCPenney registry all through the wonders of the World Wide Web.  And JCPenney is helping me, since they are giving me some funds to even try the check out process. Both extremes of "city-life" and "country-life" can make going to "the mall" an arduous task ... or even buying big items. So online shopping can prove essential for any couple who face this problem.

1. Creating the Registry online (Create a Registry)
Super simple. This was the simplest task from merely filling out the proper information in the form. Took 5 minutes. Was Easy to do - even for the internet challenged since it takes you through a step by step process.

2. Adding items to the Registry
The actual process of adding items is very easy. Picking out things I want on my registry - VERY Difficult. There was a lot of variety and things to choose from - houseware to shoes, flatware to jewelry... i mean JCPenney's has it all, so what's off limit?

3. Editing the Registry (Update your registry)
This was not difficult. You just had to enter your information, enter your password and you can edit quantity, items, add/delete items... Very user friendly

4. Finding someone's registry
Finding someone's registry is super easy. Click on gifts and registries. Then simply put in their name. Then if there is more than one choice, you look at date and/or location to figure out which registry is the one you are looking for. It easily states which items are on the registry, how many wanted, price and also if any were purchased!

5. Purchasing off someone's registry
It's as simple as adding it to cart. You can add coupons and use free shipping. You can pay with credit card and even gift cards... it's UBER EASY!

Overall, I'd have to say... for anybody who's like FH (he hates malls, department stores and shopping period), or if you are city-city girl with no car, or no easy access to a mall OR a country country girl where hitting up the local mall may take more effort than you are willing to give... that doesn't mean you can't create, edit, access, and/or purchase off a registry at JCPenney's...

and a few other perks:
* FREE wedding organizer (up to a $40 value) – great for those on a tight budget that can’t afford a wedding planner!
* FREE wedding Website and planning tools on ($100 for brides not registered with JCPenney)
* FREE 8x10 engagement portrait with JCPenney Portrait Studio (photographers can charge anywhere from $150 upwards for an engagement photo)
* 50% off gown preservation package at BridalKare (I know people that have paid up to $300 for their wedding gown to be cleaned and persevered!)

Now for the hard part... I wonder how long it'll take for those santoku knives to get here! :)


  1. I completely agree. I currently have a JC Penny registry and I love the ease of use and the abundance of items to choose from. To top it off - they even provide you with registry info cards that you can enclose with your invitations!!

  2. I got my jcpennys gift in 36 hours. Speedy store!

  3. You cannot register for shoes. LOL.

  4. I was just thinking there's got to be more choice than Crate & Barrel! I know, there's bloomingdales, macys, W-S, etc., but somehow, we ended up with C&B first. bloomingdale was giving out two champagne flutes, so i registered online, but then i had to go to the store to finish the registy and i skipped that part. jcpenny's gifts are much more appealing!


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