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August 20, 2009

The Wedding Dress Series {Finale}

I'm not going to post any pictures since I don't know who will come upon this blog (mostly FH). And i'll preface this by saying... the dress looks so different on me than it does on the model... (in a good way).

I won't even describe it b/c FH really wants it to be a surprise.


So here is the link... ONLY CLiCK If you want to seen an image of my dress.

Enzoani Dakota Light Ivory
Enzoani Diana Belt (To wear during reception)

The dress was purchased at La Belle Boutique in NJ. Although i did try on the dress elsewhere, since FH is from NJ (and we're there often), I ordered it from this store.  They have been in business for a long time and Virginia (owner) was very nice. It also helped that the total price was about 800+ cheaper here than other stores; including the Diana Belt, any and all alterations and bustle... NO SALES TAX IN NJ on clothing too. :) Shopping around definitely helps, and can save more than just a pretty penny!

What about the dress made it different than the series of BEAUTIFUL dresses i fell in love with before?

1. It was lace. I love lace. I find it romantic, traditional, classic yet very unique.
2. Mermaid style - I had a booty. WOOHOOO.  Definitely made me feel bootylicious (Biggest concern, hopping up that 1.5 ft step at the ceremony site)
3. Sweetheart neckline - made my upper body seem smaller than it is. Minimized my problem area. HELLO - what can be better than that
4. I LOVED the way i felt in it. I tried it on twice at two different stores. I stared at it for countless hours. Since i was able to photograph myself in it at the first store, I was able to really have a good idea of not only how i felt in it but how i looked - that was definite incentive to buy this one over any other dress (STORES SHOULD LET YOU TAKE PHOTOS!)
5. Finding the dress for less than what i budgeted for (2500) and then for the great price i found it for by shopping around sealed the deal.
6. I do intend to wear it again. Stay tuned.. i'll be hosting a "wear your wedding dress after your wedding day" Party!!!

Stay tuned for veil talk :)


  1. that belt is fab!! i really like the dark one but the ivory will also look stunning!

  2. That is such a gorgeous dress. It is so perfect looking, I love it ;)

  3. OMG it's BEAUTIFUL! All your hard work dress hunting definately paid off. It's perfect and you got exactly what you dreamed of which is the most imporatnt part.

  4. That dress is amazing! Wow. And the belt...Sigh.

  5. WOW such a gorgeous dress!! You will look stunning!

  6. it. is. STUNNING. fabulous choice! big up to brides with booties! i got my booty a mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline as well...

  7. one word..GORGEOUS!! Cant wait to see it on you, you're going to rock it!

  8. Stunning. Both the belt and the dress... beautiful! Congratulations

  9. ah-mazing!! i want to be invited to the post wedding dress party :)

  10. You are so going to rock this dreess! I feel privileged to have a sneak peak! :)

  11. Your dress is beautiful AmyJean :)

  12. Beautiful! Congratulations! So dramatic.

  13. holy hannahs!!!wow..this dress will certainly do!!! i LOVE that belt!

  14. Your dress is so romantic! Beautiful!

  15. OMG!!! I love it! I'm so sorry I'm commenting on it so late. I love it, love it, love it!!! :)


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