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August 19, 2009

The Wedding Dress Series {Lessons Learned}

Before I unveil the dress i did pick, I wanted to go through some of the lessons I learned about dress shopping.  Giving a little background about myself and my self perception... the short story is this... i LOATHE showing my arms... I've always been top heavy, big arms, back fat, short neck, round shoulders, short limbs... and that in essence keeps me always covered on top.  So translate that into wedding dress shopping. It was straight fear. I waited about a year before i would even put a wedding dress on and had my mom come with me (flying from Cali) to be my moral support... she'd tell me straight and i wouldn't be hurt b/c i'm used to her telling me to diet LOL...

Ok, so with this background... here are the things I learned...

1. Your first dress experience should be somewhere that you get slightly pampered and catered to.  Go somewhere where the sales girl knows her stuff and knows body types - that TOTALLY HELPS!
2. Go to a lot of places... it's ok to shop around. Don't feel bad if you hit up a ton of stores - its totally fine.
3. The dress should flatter you in just the right places - and with so many dresses out there, go with a dress that works with the way your body is made... you will look gorgeous.
4. Look at price. Does it matter to you? Is the dress your splurge area? Would you rather go discount? Buy a dress that doesn't make you nervous to spend "that" much on it. Whether its discount, David's, nice salon, Kleinfeld's or Filene's... there is no wrong dress, when its YOUR dress.
5. Feel free to shop around. Different stores HAVE different premiums. Keep that in mind! Not all stores charge the same. It's ok to love a dress but not buy it at the first place you try it on. If you can find it for cheaper or to include better service... take it. The stores should cater to you, you are worth EVERY penny
6. If the Salon or the people who work there don't make you feel good about yourself (make you feel bad for wanting to spend less), I'd bounce. If they make you feel like they aren't genuine, I'd bounce... Go somewhere you trust and like. Just like any other vendor you book... a wedding salon will have to order your dress on time, get your alterations most likely and be someone you deal with again... follow your gut.
7. Do think about your future. Don't go with fads or trends ... UNLESS that reflects you... Are you trendy? (that's not a bad thing) or are you classic? Are you romantic? Are you wild? What best reflects who you are ...
8. Listen to those around you about if they do or don't like the dress, but ultimately remember, its about whether or not you love you IN that dress.
9. Take your time. Don't feel pressured, but also - make sure you are AWARE of the time restrictions that ordering a dress may take...
10. LOVE YOU in that dress. The way it makes YOU feel is the most important thing... so always remember that no matter what... there is NO WRONG DRESS... as long as you love yourself in that dress and you are happy!

The reason there are SO many dresses out there is because there are so many different unique and beautiful brides out there...

Any other brides/wives out there have wedding dress advice?


  1. Girl, I FEEL your pain. I had the same types of experiences with wedding gown shopping. I started in the beginning of June - and didn't get my gown until about 2 weeks ago. I think I may have tried on a hundred gowns before I found my 'one', and when I found it I didn't have the cathartic emotional fireworks that my other friends and family have had - i just felt wicked confident. And my mom was there. And she cried. And then we bought it. And I saved her an arseload of money too. So dress shopping was hell, but I came out on top. And I just wanted to tell you I just started reading your blog so I don't know what you look like, but dang girl you are beautiful.

  2. Oh this is a fantastic list of great advice! I would only add not to bring too many people with you since it will probably confuse you. And, don't feel guilty for trying on a million dresses and not buying any. It's a big decision and you need to feel really good about your choice!

  3. Enough already! I'm DYING over here! Which dress!!!!!?????

  4. Gosh Amy, you said it all so beautifully here. Especially the part about going somewhere you'll be pampered first time. This is really going to be so much of a help to brides everywhere . . .

  5. great advice! i got lucky. i found my dress on my second bridal shop trip. BUT, i will say this, the reason i was able to find something so quickly, was because i researched A LOT. i already knew what kind of silhouette looked good on me - it helped to just go to a regular department store and try on dresses of all different shapes just to see what style fits your body. So even though i had only tried on about 7 dresses total before I found the one, i knew it was the one because of my preparation beforehand. AND it helped that the dress was on sale (half off!).

  6. try on those dresses that wouldn't even think about trying on!! it will surprise you!! I went to at least 25 stores...some in PA..then several more when i moved out to it was fun!!

    Okay..which dress did you decide?

  7. wow I guess I got lucky, I loved the first dress I tried on.


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