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August 10, 2009

The Wedding Dress Series {Part 1}

Although this isn't the actual start of the wedding dress search series (see my various shopping experiences that i've posted about thus far - Hitched Salon, Terri Lynn's Bridal, Carrine's Atelier, Filene's and David's Bridal and also my post about Ulla-Maija Designs), Now that I have ordered my dress ... I can start to share the various dresses that I fell in love with along the way to find "my perfect" dress.

One thing i learned through this process of dress shopping is this: There are sooooo many dresses out there. The reason? Because there are so many different tastes and different body types. I think the most important thing is how the bride feels in the dress. And this is so personal. Going through the various salons I went to and the dresses that I've tried on - the only reason I ended up with the dress I chose was not b/c something was "wrong" with any of the other dresses, but rather... I loved all these dresses, but i had to choose the one that made me feel the happiest!

So after my first dress shopping experience at the amazing Hitched Salon in Georgetown... the first two contendors on this journey were:

A beautiful stunning dress that just draped perfectly. The material was just gorgeous and I felt beautiful in this dress

Ulla Maija Cendrillon
A little more romantic and flowey, but i loved the way it cinched my waist. 


  1. #2 is more my style, but they are both gorgeous! So pretty.

  2. you have lovely taste! so far, i love #2. :)

  3. Wow this are both beautiful. I love the bottom of the first dress and the top of the second!

  4. Love the material of the the flattery of the second style. You will look stunning in EITHER! :)

  5. The second one is so could look great on anyone since it makes the waist look teeny-weeny.

  6. Both are gorgeous! I'm glad I don't have to decide :) but here is my opinion...

    #1 - has the wow factor so if your getting married in a big space (ballroom, cathedral, large chapel I would go with that)

    #2 - is very ethereal and would be perfect for an outdoor ceremony (love the flowy fabric) it's so romantic and I love the waist line too. (not to say that it wouldn't also work indoors too). Just a more romantic setting *i guess* does that make sense?

    Either way you can't go wrong!

  7. Both are pretty but the second one just stole my heart, its GORGEOUS!!!

  8. omg number 1 is gorgeous!! i love love LOVE it! wedding dress shopping is so much fun :)

  9. I love these two dresses. The sheen and shine and "layers" of the first dress. And I can just imagine how the second dress would really how off your waist.

    Wow. I'm having dress envy, for both dresses. I suspect I'd love dress # 1 on me, too, but that I'd love how dress # 2 flatters.


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