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August 11, 2009

The Wedding Dress Series {Part 2}

Terri Lynn Bridal Contenders:

Cymbeline Paris
Gorgeous mermaid style dress with lace and a bunch of tulle... i really love the dress without the neck adornment. I loved the lace and how modern the dress was.

This dress is gorgeous. Simply Gorgeous. But for me... It is beautiful, but i didn't feel that it make me feel like me...


  1. I like the first dress. The Cymbeline Paris dress has the sheen of the dresses you loved at the first bridal shop.

    And I love Paloma Blanca. But if it didn't make YOU, then it's not for you. :)

    But I have to say, I liked the first two dresses better than either of these dresses. (Of course, I haven't seen you wearing them so I can't say. Based on these pictures alone, that's my opinion.)

  2. I LOVE that first one!!! But I'm with you, no neck piece!

  3. I still drool over the Paloma Blanca dress. It's still one of my top 3. So nice.

  4. mmmmm... how gorgeous is that second one?!!? i've been drooling over it ever since i saw it in a magazine. but if it doesn't suit you (and it didn't suit me), it's not your dress.

  5. OMG That first Cymbeline dress is STUNNING. It really is a show stopper.


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