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August 17, 2009

The Wedding Dress Series {Part 6}

These are the three more dresses that made finalist but that I did not end up going with...

Oh, this dress was dreamy. the Lace. The emphasis on the waste... the scalloped trim. Simply Stunning.
I JUST LOVED THIS DRESS. It had pizazz. Assymetrical, lace overlay, sparklies,  and sweetheart neckline. We were going to add more tulle underneath so that it looked more like a mermaid and tighten/tuck the back... It was gorgeous. 
This dress was a super duper close 2nd. My mom was in love... in love I Tell you. The store we went to told me it was a special design and they couldn't send me a pic. but eventually the following pics hit all the mags in the last 3-4 months. 
Lace overlay just at the bottom, beautiful adornment at the waste to cinch it,  sweetheart neckline with an almost crumb catcher type top... we loved it. The only thing we didn't love was that the corset under was a little too thick and long and that the sewn line of the fabric ran down the dress very obviously.
But what my mom loved was this:
The back was simply stunning. Buttons all along the center of the back, the beautiful train with the lace overlay and a "V" back... just so gorgeous.
Due to the misinformation i was given, i didn't feel the need to return to this particular dress shop in NoVA... thus, ultimately i was led to a few shops in CA... (stay tuned, we're almost done!)


  1. Ohh love the 1st one! Looking forward to seeing which one you ended up with! :)

  2. These are all lovely, can't wait to see yours!

  3. I love the first one too! Where do I get it :)

  4. Ooh the train on the Allure dress - all drama, very nice!

  5. im still in love with posted previously!!


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