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August 28, 2009

Wedding Planner vs. (Day of/Month of) Coordinator

Although I've explained way back when, as to why i went the route of finding a wedding planner (Click here), I wanted to explore the idea of Wedding Planner vs. (Day of/Month of) Coordinator.  I realized that initially i used the terms interchangeably, but I realize now... after doing some coordinating myself, that there is a difference.

The term Wedding Planner I think assumes assistance in planning the wedding.  Not only will the person help with the planning, but on the day of, s/he will do the coordinating as well.  The Wedding Planner helps find vendors, helps research ideas, assists with DIY projects, gives the bride ideas, and anything else the bride needs in planning her big day... the wedding planner will help.  But the wedding planner does much more as the date nears.

However, b/c many brides have their own vision of their big day... they easily dismiss the idea of a wedding planner.
"I don't need a planner, i can plan it myself"
"Why should i spend money on something i can do myself?"
"I want to plan... its my wedding, its my day... i don't want to let someone else do it"
However, I'm here to tell ya, the planner can go 150% into planning for the brides who don't want to think about lifting a finger let alone lift a finger... or they can go 100% and just assist with great ideas for planning and helping to guide the bride in certain directions, getting discounts - but not necessarily doing the planning herself. This is possible. My Wedding planner/coordinator (Paola) gives me great vendor leads that i research, that i negotiate with and that I work with. I get discounts b/c of Paola, but i get the satisfaction of making contact and creating contracts. Especially with long distance planning - it has been a perfect relationship!!!
A Day of or Month of coordinator in my mind are usually interchangeable.  Assisting in my own Day of duties, i know for sure that I can't start even contemplating doing "day of" without making contact with a bride at least 30 days before (if not earlier). A coordinator is the executor.  S/he takes all the planning that the bride & groom has done and executes it. She ensures that the event goes over flawlessly (or at least seem flawless) so that the bride can sit back and enjoy the masterpiece she has put together. The bride has gathered all the various characters for her wonderfully scripted play... but b/c she's the star of the show, she finds a coordinator to be the director... and trust me, this helps the bride & groom play their part of the star of the show without telling all the stagehands what they should be doing...
Some people think its something unnecessary... perhaps it is, if you have friends and family you can trust who can handle the various aspects of the day and make executive decisions according to your previously expressed desires... but it is a nice thing to have so all your guests can sit back and enjoy... and moreover, so that you and your new hubby can sit back and enjoy.
Both a planner and coordinator are not mandatory for a beautiful day... With or without, your day will be beautiful b/c... well its your day! I'm very risk adverse, so for me its kinda like insurance... a calming feeling comes over me knowing my ideas, my plans, my vision will be executed the way I want...
Have you decided on a planner? A coordinator? Or just using some friends and family to help out? What made you decide one way or another?


  1. Very well said. So many people don't realize all of the work that goes into making their special day look effortless and that you can still be very involved in the planning process if you hire a planner or coordinator.

  2. We went to a wedding planner who we found by chance while driving around one day (that's how a lot of things work in Cyprus :)). We talked about our ideas for the wedding and our vision and she had some great ideas and contacts who she shared with is very willingly. We are now waiting for a quote from her (again typical of Cyprus for things to be slow!). In the meantime tho, we found out that a DOC is included in our venue price package. At this point I am leaning towards a DOC and having my bridesmaids and family help out as much as possible. I would love a wedding planner, especially since I'm trying to plan for this from North America, but I'm also trying to consider budget. I guess the decision will be made once and for all once the wedding planner's quote comes in :)

  3. i hired a Day Of coordinator...and im sooooo glad i did!!! she took care of the flower issue...did the entire setup...take down..i did nothing!! worth every penny!

  4. oh and she wasn't from the venue... i worked with both Ladies..but my DOC was always looking out for my best interest..the lady from the venue..hardly new me...and my DOC new me..she knew what I liked...what i didnt' like..etc...


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