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August 14, 2009

Week's Update

Wanna win free shot glasses?

Join this facebook group page to win!

Interested in photography? Have a photo to share? 
Enter this contest where you upload a wedding photo by August 16th to win either a great new camera or flat screen tv... Each week the theme changes, this week is wedding and then change weekly to ‘Great American Roadtrip’, then to ‘Vacations for Two’ and finally to ‘Food Creations’.  You can enter once daily for four weeks, and every week one winner will be selected. If you’re interested in participating click HERE!

Check out Prairie NY today for Bridal party dresses... see their blog or their 2009 collection! It's some really cute and original stuff!

Live in DC area? Need dance lessons? There is a Dance workshop on August 24th at the Montclair Country Club... contact Susan LeBron of The Social Dancer (352-359-0975) If you are interested!

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  1. thanks for the heads up!!!! We just got our pics back from Jordana..she is just awesome :)


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