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September 28, 2009

Bangin' Bachelorette Bingo Weekend {Part 2}

So day 2 started out with some fun in the sun. But before pool time, we had to have breakfast!  Here I am with double fisting... My beloved FH had a Bloody Mary waiting for me at breakfast and I came down with my very own Red Bull and Vodka :)

Don't you love the cup? Remember when i won those?

Here's a pic of FH before we parted way after breakfast!

And then it was POOL TIME!!! A few of my ladies joined me by the pool for some quality Bloody Mary's and bonding...
One of my best friends from law school and a bridesmaid!!!

Suz arrived that morning and came straight to the pool! :)

Here is my Cousin and MOH  striking a pose!

Here I am ... ready to head back up for a shower before my bm's and I headed to David's to try on some dresses ! :)


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