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September 29, 2009

Bangin' Bachelorette Bingo Weekend {Part 3}

The next stop was David's in Las Vegas! I had made an appointment hoping we'd be able to make it (but i wasn't gonna force it if we weren't in the mood), and my ladies were all up for it. In fact, having a few drinks pre-David's kinda made the experience more fun... One of my lovely BM's brought along her camera and took a few photos!

My MOH being herself... silly as ever!

Suz trying to feel the dresses...

Again, the MOH checking out the various options! LOL

MOH trying to see if yellow "will work"

Action shot of my ladies while they were trying on dresses

And another one. David's was a bit hectic and taking 6 ladies in with me didn't make it any less chaotic, but our sales person rocked and was very willing to work with us

And MOH with her favorite find of the day!

Not having one of my ladies with us made making a decision hard. In fact, a decision wasn't made - but we definitely got one step closer. My FSIL is 8.5 months pregnant with my future god-daughter/niece so she wasn't able to make the trip. It was a bummer but she's been pretty amiable through this whole thing - so i think she will like the top choice. Once the approval comes in, we will probably order our dresses. Stay tuned for the BM dress choice soon!

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  1. I wish I would've thought to have a cocktail before David's Bridal, it would've been soooo much more fun! I can't wait to see what you end up with!


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