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September 30, 2009

Bangin' Bachelorette Bingo Weekend {Part 4}

Having a co-ed weekend in Vegas made it really fun for me. I liked having FH there and being able to join in the festivities, yet at the same time being able to do my own thing with my ladies. In celebration of this, my brother was able to get us a major hook up at the House of Blues, Mandalay Bay. We had the New Orleans room and our co-ed party headed out for dinner (Teaser photos)

SIL, Bro, Me and FH

Bro & me - doesn't he seem so happy to take a photo with me lol

Striking a Pose

Table full of my hawt ladies!!!

A few of my HS friends who made quite a showing :)

One of my closest friends in DC. She's an amazing cook, should have a 2nd residence in Vegas and has a love for the weirdest things (snakes, spiders, etc...) Gotta love her!

My familial unit - cousins and sil. We ROCK!

A Group shot (a few of the hubbies were missing b/c they were taking the photos)

My MOH/Cousin had shirts made. All my ladies had nicknames on their backs (nicknames i call them) and 10 for the year we are getting married.

And a frontal shot...

Stay tuned. Dinner is NOT over. In fact, I had to save the following for a whole other post.  I got gifts. I said "no gifts" b/c it was a lot of money to fly/drive to LV from (CA through DC/NY) on top of hotel fees and other stuff... but i did get quite a bit of gifts. Next post - the contract and "product reviews" i'm supposed to do on some of these gifts. Please note... not for those who may be easily offended. LOL


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