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September 03, 2009

Candy Buffet

So recently, At the downtown DC wedding I did the "Day of" coordinating for... my bride/friend wanted to have a candy buffet. I want to highlight this, only b/c #1 it is so much fun to have #2 there is a way to keep it affordable and still very fancy... #3 adds a unique flavor to the wedding #4 guests, both young and old absolutely love it and #5 it can enhance your theme

let me introduce you to:
{Drum roll}

Holly from How Sweet Events Candy Buffet

Where Candy and Creativity Meet

In my opinion, the brilliance behind Holly's company is that she actually rents out these beautiful vessels for weddings. At a VERY reasonable price (when i say reasonable, let's just say my jaw dropped when i realized how low of a price it was - here's a hint: 2 digits and much lower than 100) for your choice of 8 jars, all different types to choose from - it relieves the stress that brides go through to find the right vessels so they can have this "unnecessary" splurge.

Y'all know once you go to a wedding that has a candy buffet, there is nothing better than lining up during the reception and having not only just your cake, but the candies and eating it too!!! It's fun and old and young alike, love this splurge!

And look at how much fun it can be, you can personalize the baggies for the candy, go with color themes, or candy types, and so much more. Check it out at my friend's lovely wedding:

Images courtesy of an awesome husband/wife team Ciao Bella Photos!

Doesn't it look like so much fun?

After having been to two weddings with candy buffets, and then realizing how affordable a company like How Sweet Events makes having this wonderful little splurge... why wouldn't you want to try it!!


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