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September 04, 2009

Outfitting the Bridal Party {Ladies}

So here's a couple of dresses i was looking at for my ladies. The key is trying to find a place that can outfit all my ladies from California to Seattle to New York/New Jersey. So of course, the first place I had to look is David's... And although i'm non-conventional, there is one thing i want with my bridal party and that is uniformity. So where it doesn't mean a lot to many to have all the dresses the same - I would really like them in at least the same color if not the same dress.

So let me introduce you to David's Pewter Style 8355

I'm thinking with Cute navy wedges to withstand the grassy lawn of the ceremony and a beautiful yellow bouquet. Thus, incorporating the Gray and Yellow with navy trim.
Pro: Dress is easily found at David's. $79.99
Con: For my petite ladies, this dress actually comes closer to the lower calf/ankles than the knee.
Another great priced number at David's style DO2101 at $79.99 in Smoke
I really loved this one and think its super cute for the wedding and other events.
And a couple others that I liked in similar colors:
So what do you think? Any particular style you like? What if i just pick Pewter, and let them find a dress they like of similar length but the style they want? I'm leaning towards that although i have a feeling the girls will all like similar items.


  1. I did that. I tried to get my girls to pick a dress of the same color & get different styles, but out of david's styles..they chose the same dress. so now I have matching BMs. it happens.

  2. i vote for the second one. it's more formal and seems it will flatter more body types. my friend recently let the girls pick, and only 2 of 8 wore something different. it just made them look like they didn't fit in. so be sure each one makes her look different, if not, it's probably not worth it. good luck! :)

  3. I had my girls pick a dress that they liked in a color I chose (obviously) and a couple of the girls ended up with the same dress. They looked completely different in them though.

    I think I like the second and third dresses the best. And I love the color scheme :)

  4. I like the idea of same colour, different dress.

    like mentioned above, I did the same thing, and my 2 bridesmaids picked the same dress!! (also in pewter, btw)

    From the photos above, my favs are 3 and 4!

  5. Ahhh :) I am doing Pewter dresses from David's bridal also!!! Gray is my favorite neutral :)

    I'm having 6 girls and had them each choose their own long Pewter dress from David's. There were only 10 styles to choose from but each had a different favorite so it worked out perfectly.

    What are your accent colors? My wedding is this November, but I'm still deciding what direction to take my flowers...I'm now leaning towards deep deep purples and magentas for reception, with the bouquets being lighter colors.

  6. Go with David's 2101 v-neck! I almost went with that. Also, you can do my F13720 if you want. Check out the color pewter in DB. Very classy.
    Surprisingly enough, DB has a lot of choices in unbeatable prices. If you can up to $250, check out Watter (W-too bridesmaids?) and Jenny Yoo. Of course, then there's even higher up, but I didn't even look at those.

  7. I was going to let my girls pick - out of 6 girls, they all love the same dress! Maybe send your ideas to them, just to get their gut reaction, and then see where you stand.

  8. One of my bridesmaids wore D02101 in plum. It looked great! (I picked out the color -- eggplant -- and figured out which color from a bunch of different designers matched, and my seven bridesmaids picked their own dresses.) I totally recommend letting them pick their own dresses in the same color. Here's my blog post from the planning stage:

    And here's a picture of the final result:


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