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September 24, 2009

Rehearsal Meal Tasting

My Mother and Sister in Law went to check out the potential rehearsal dinner venue at Brio Tuscany Grill in Dana Point. It wasn't as close as we anticipated to the St. Regis (.50 miles instead of 2 blocks) and the restaurant was cute itself but it was in a strip mall (weird)... but here is a few pics of the location...

The layout of the restaurant has a L shaped Patio that outlines the restaurant and bar area. This causes concern as it may create a rift between the flow of the party festivities... thoughts?

The bread and buttery spread were pretty good

Minestrone Soup




Shrimp Scampi

We haven't booked yet, and the owner was away on vacay, but i think there's a good chance that this is where we may have our rehearsal meal...


  1. Not sure about the layout but the food looks good!

  2. It's a cute restaurant, that food is making me hungry!

  3. the food looks so tasty and the restaurant looks fabulous!


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