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September 01, 2009

Wedding Day Make up and Hair Inspiration!

I've been obsessed since I've seen her pictures from their wedding day. I've followed her blog as she morphed her mother's wedding dress into her own... and seeing the end result... WOW. Reese from Pretty Obsessed Blog is amazing... she's quite the knottie and has great advice and kind words all the time. And so, let me show you a few snap shots borrowed from JAC Blog. Make sure to visit both Reese's blog and JAC Blog for more wedding inspiration!

She looks gorgeous. I'm in love with her hair do and her make up. It is such a natural but dramatic look. I LOVE IT!!! I'm inspired!


  1. aw cool!! :) she's soo beautiful :)

  2. wow, she is gorgeous!! i love her makeup too! definitely going to save those pictures as inspiration for my makeup artist. :)

  3. aaaw! thank you amyjean!! you're wonderful! can't wait to see how your wedding turns out! it's going to be amazing!!

  4. i wonder if those are her real lashes? either way, they look FAB! I love love love this look! Thanks for the help and inspiration AmyJean!

  5. I agree...gorgeous! I love her look :)


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