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September 03, 2009

Wedding Day Transportation

Currently looking into transportation for our big day! Logistically speaking, I don't know how its going to work out... so its been a pain in the butt trying to figure things out.

Our hotel is about 30 minutes from our reception venue. We've got at least 100+ people who will need transportation - so obviously the best thing to do is to get the largest charter bus available.  But how will it work? HOW?  I mean, basically considering transportation is making me consider scheduling which is soooooo a to do a month from the event... not NOW!!! lol.

Ok, so here we go.... the bridal party will probably be taken ahead of time b/c i want to take a few photos near the lake by the venue, as well as at the venue.  If we want to allow 2-3 trips for the guests we need to start those at 2:30 pm if we want everyone seated by 4:10pm. Hmmm.... logistically this could be a nightmare with traffic or something happening... so is two gonna be enough?

But costs of shuttle are gonna be high. Consider this. If we start shuttle A at 2pm and shuttle B at 2:30 PM, after 4:10 PM - both shuttles will be sitting there until at least 10pm doing NOTHING!!! But what can we do right? I mean in total hours i would need the shuttle is 5 hours, but the 5 hour minimum incentive makes that null... unless I can find a 3 hour minimum place... hmmmm

What are y'all doing about transportation? How are you figuring it out!?


  1. Amy - you should consider a school bus. they are MUCH cheaper and make for great photos

  2. considering transportation is key and so important for you guest. you should make a schedule and lay it all out for everyone (drivers, wedding garter, guests etc), but just be prepared that on the wedding day things will not go according to plan. there will be traffic or sick drivers or you are running late or whatever that will throw a kink into your schedule. but, luckily everyone will be in the same boat and most wedding guests are just happy to be at a wedding and in good moods! it all works out in the end!

  3. We are sort of in the same boat. We have around 60 guests coming from the hotel to the venue and back again. Its about a 20 minute trip each way. Here's our plan:

    Hire a 25 person shuttle for 9 hours and break it up like this:

    Come to pick us up (me, him, and our bridal party) and drive us around for pictures.

    Drop us off at the venue for some pictures before everyone arrives. Once guests start filtering in, there is a separate room we can go "hide" in.

    Go to pick up the first round of people. We are asking those that dont mind getting there early to catch the 1st shuttle. We figure they can just hang out at the venue, or walk around that part of town for a half hour or so.

    Go back to the hotel and bring the other round of people.

    The shuttle company said alot of guests start to filter out after dessert (older, non-dancey types) so it would be nice to have them with an option to leave at, say 8 or so. So really, if your ceremony is at 5 or 6, that's just only 2 hours you are paying for the shuttle with nothing to do. Which, in the end, I'm fine with. Its much cheaper and easier than trying to rent 2 busses for 2 hours each or whatever.

    Wow, this was long and convoluted. Sorry. Hope it helps!

  4. Get your ushers to drive. Or get volunteer drivers? hehe


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