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September 09, 2009

Wedding Invitations

So i've gotten all these notices "Six Month countdown" from various wedding websites. And the biggest thing they are telling me to do is INVITATIONS! Now i've already been planning to do my invitations as soon as i received the permit for the ceremony lawn from our venue... which we did last week. I figured, the sooner I order my invites, the sooner my "friendor" Kelly from Calligraphy by Kelly Ann can start on my outer envelopes. You see, she's going to be having a baby soon (her third and i'm very excited for her) and we've decided the sooner the better. Since, I want to give her PLENTY of time to get all 150+ envelopes addressed! What an amazing friend right? I'm uber lucky to have her (PS. She does great work)

So here are a few invites that made the final cut:
Pattern Flourish
Antique Border

So which ones do you like? I'm thinking I dig the trim with the Vellium and it adds a little something to the invite. Although it probably isn't very green to waste paper... hmmm. I'd love to hear which one you like best!
PS. All invites are from Magnet Street Weddings!


  1. I like Antique Border & Antique Border with V finish. But the words on Antique Border sound good, but I also like the joining of two hearts and two families bit.

  2. I agree with the above comment. Loving the Antique Border invite. The colors are amazing.

  3. One vote for champagne with trim! =)

  4. They are all sooo pretty! I have no idea how to pick! Sorry dude, I am totally unhelpful cause I love them all.

  5. Another vote for champagne with trim :)

  6. AmyJean, antique border with v finish gets my vote! Where are these from? Looks great!

  7. I like the vellum too. I like how that looks on invitations. I'm so glad I don't have to decide though...they are all beautiful! Love the colors!!!

  8. I might have said it before, but I really love your color palette. The yellow and grey combo is so refined and fun. The calm grey with the flirty bright touch of color.

  9. They are all great! I like the Champagne with Trim (Vellium not shown) :)


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