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September 16, 2009

Wedding Veils

So after my last post about brainstorming about my veil, I've decided i needed some visual aids... so join me on this picturesque post about gorgeous wedding veils!

I love this short birdcage veil - it's so chic
The fingertip length veil is also so elegant.
It definitely gives a classy vibe to the overall look
I especially love the detail on this particular veil
ohhh, the dramatic cathedrals are of course my favorite:
Cathedral Length Veil, 1 Tier with Pencil Edge and Rhinestone Starlight Design.
Bridal Cathedral Length Veil 1 Tier with Beaded Metallic Edge.
Loving the detail on this one. Makes me think that dramatic and simple do work together

Chapel Length Veil with Pencil Edge

So i'm still debating but thinking i'm definitely going with the cathedral length - as much as i love the bird cage and beaded fingertip veils... i just love how dramatic the cathedrals are...


  1. You could always do a cathedral for the ceremony and a birdcage for the reception!

  2. i do like veils.. especially those! i dont know if i will use one though

  3. If you want a cathedral length, go for it! I had a waltz length alencon lace trim for ceremony and birdcage fascinator for the reception - loved it!and

  4. Totally agree!! I LOVE the cathedral veils. I have some suspicions that a family member might be making me one!! Yay!!

  5. i love the birdcage..but i don't think i looked right with my dress! anxious to hear what you pick!

  6. i have always loved a veil, but i'd respectfully submit that your dress is so gorgeous, it would be a shame to cover it up, therefore, birdcage - 1st image- would be great!

  7. I like reading your website because you can constantly bring us fresh and awesome things, I think that I should at least say a thank you for your hard work.

    - Henry

  8. Have the two designs for the ceremony and the reception. It's a good tip so you can wear the designs.

  9. Nice post! I do candy buffets too! If you wanna keep it within your color scheme you can always do a range of yellow candies with a grey ribbon. WIll def. work!


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