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September 06, 2009

What's hot in Weddings (GARTERS!!!!)

I have to share this video clip for several reasons.

#1. Julianne Smith is doing my garter for my wedding and i think she is fabulous (Click here to read about my garter decision)
#2. I've met her in person. Yes, at her launch party and at Blogger bootcamp. I absolutely adore her. Not only does she have style but she is a fun fun person.
#3. It's so nice to see her work being acknowledged and seeing how far she has come - she is talent, she is fun and she has so much creative style!!

Borrowed from her blog !!!
click the picture below to watch the video…on Get Married TV
get married video of julianne smith
PS. Since each garter is custom made - the greatest thing about it, is she can make these for any of y'all and ship it out. It's such a fun and unique way to customize your wedding attire :)
Are you doing a garter toss? What about the garter? Have you decided if you are going with a traditional garter? or


  1. I actually love the garter toss tradition. My fiance doesn't know it yet, but I will be wearing a Mizzou-themed garter as a nod to our alma mater, where we met ... if I can find one, that is. I am checking out Julianne's custom work right now!

  2. I do weddings on the beach and we have more little foot decorations called scandals than garters. I do love the garter tradition but when the wind is blowing outside it could turn into a peep show. Thus the scandal throwing. Most are made out of shells and very pretty.


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