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September 02, 2009

Wonderful Wedding Review {B&B}: Annapolis, MD

Although i set you up with this teaser photos (here) of my friend Barbara and Barret's Beautiful Annapolis wedding, i'm back to show you a few more drool-worthy photos from Thomas Graves. Here are just a few, that i wanted to highlight from the gorgeous day, but if you want to see more, definitely head on over to Thomas' site to see more. (Click here)

The beautiful Bride
After the Kiss the Bride... So sweet

A beautiful view of St. Mary's in Annapolis

How romantic... the swords

This shot was taken between the ceremony and reception.
Thomas got some awesome images. I'm in Awe!

Loving these images

Barret lived right on the water, so it was awesome that Thomas got these shots of them on the water too!

They cute the cake with his father's sword (His father was also a marine... Ooh Rah!)

The groom's parents definitely kicked off the dancing. What a fun family!

The grand exit was amazing... sparklers for their big send off :)


  1. I love these photos!! And love the church.

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