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October 01, 2009

Bangin' Bachelorette Bingo Weekend {Part 5}

So here's the contract i was told to sign... basically stating that in consideration of having all my friends gathered together for this special event, that I would try out the following "products" in a "single evening" and write a "product review".  All parties including myself signed the following... All parties also include my brother, which made things kinda amusingly awkward. LOL

And before i go on... in full disclosure, please note that some of the following is not appropriate for children under 18 and possibly viewing at work... there are no actual X-rated pictures, but some of the "products" are a bit... um... well... mature! LOL PLEASE continue at your own discretion. By continuing to read this post you are releasing me of any and all liability. Thanks :)

Here we go:

 I look like i'm playing cat's cradle with these crotchless butterfly undies... Yes, my friends - they are CROTCHLESS! EEK!

A pretty nighty

Shimmer powder that is supposed to taste good (i was asking a friend's hubby - recently married - how the product was - he seemed familiar with it)

Um, I'm not sure... kinda a small whip, i guess?! LOL

Yes, i am perturbed. Can you tell by the look on my face? I think this is like what equestrian riders use?!!

However, FH seems to like it LOL

A french tickler? I'm not sure whats french about it and what is tickler about it either lol

Some motion lotion? Different flavors and not quite sure what it does.

Yes,  you are reading correctly... CHINA NYMPHO CREAM - idk where my ladies got this stuff

Edible Candy Underwear!

Yes, it is a penis shaped Logo that says "good head" - cherry flavored. Um.. yea... lol

Showgirl pasties and undies...  so where's the pole? lol

My little cousins (a couple of which i've changed diapers for) got the following for me... a little odd, but i guess i have to accept that they are grown up now! lol

The following is for FH. It's an edible banana flavored shaped sticker?!? for him... i'm still a bit confused as to what it is, but he seemed amused

The following was a white boa and white pasties (pictured below) with some jewelry and white chonies (not pictured) that say "Just married" on them. I guess i've got wedding night covered!! :)

Fetish cuffs. 'nuff said

Another beautiful negligee FOR ME

Something labeled "FOR HIM" (please look at tag to see how it should look on)

Two pairs of undies (a bit x rated)

A cute pair of boxers (for FH) with matching boy shorts (For me)

and an adorable frame to memorialize the occasion. I absolutely love this gift. "Last fling before wedding bell rings"

Below is an image of some of the gifts. I show you b/c my friends were kind enough to include Emergen-C packets and Zenergize so that I can maintain stamina... Awww how thoughtful lol

So wow... that was at dinner and we still haven't even gone out yet. At the end of dinner, we had a giggling FH (who couldn't stop chuckling to himself), a disturbed brother and a gaggle of ladies laughing

Looks like I may need more than a goodie drawer, we may need a goodie closet with all these things. LOL

Oh yeah, and there was a special guest who only a few of us saw, but i should mention was available... "Pinky", who luckily stayed in 469 and didn't have to come out with us...


The boys trying to ignore this gigantuous inflatable penis inside the room


  1. Wow! What a big variety of gifts you got! How fun!

  2. I don't know why but I see giant inflatible penis and all I picture is a herd of 5 year olds jumping attacking and punching the thing to death.

  3. I am laughing so hard about this! I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS!

  4. it looks like you had fun!!! Cool friends you must have..., and you look fabulous!

    It's been a while!

  5. The boxer and boy shorts... LOVE THEM! So adorable... Fry's Chung and Chung's Fry... awesome!

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