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October 02, 2009

Bangin' Bachelorette Bingo Weekend {Part 6}

So it's time for the Parrrrrtay.... originally our plan was for Risque at Paris Hotel, Harrah's Carnival and Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. With only one little glitch - being that Risque didn't open til 11pm - we had a late start, but it was a blast.

I do have to say I was having this weird arm ache... like a muscle spasm in my right bicep... it irritated me so much that i kinda sat out for a little bit, but was thoroughly amused and so grateful and happy to see the various friends and family that I have come together and become friends with one another.  Thus... the night couldn't have been any better...

So without further ado... some pictures
Pre-Risque Club



We left little pink feathers everywhere. We felt so bad b/c the housekeepers were following us around. We heard from our boys that even the dealers knew of the "bachelorette party with the pink boas"




Post Risque Pre-Margaritaville




We hit up Harrah's Carnival but decided it was too late and not quite worth the cover charge, so we headed back (or at least a few of us did lol) and hit up the cafe before bedtime (this is way past 3am)


Played some slots but made it back to my room, with FH in tote by 6 am... WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!

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