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October 29, 2009

Clean your Closet via Garter Girl {Julianne Smith Blog}

Last night I met up with some FABULOUS DC Locals... (More to come on that) for a happy hour on U Street.  I had an amazing time as always, and got a great tip from Julianne Smith- i had to share it with my readers... so read on and be sure to visit Julianne's site and blog... she not only makes amazing garters but she's got some great every day advice as well...


"garter girl style is back….now that you have eliminated all the items from your closet that you are not going to wear this season, it is time to organize your closet so that you can maximize the wardrobe that you have.

wait! you haven’t cleaned out your closet yet? read here and here for how to get it done. now!

keep in mind that every closet is different. everyone has space limitations and closet particulars that provide unique challenges. if your closet can hang 30-40 items, you will have more than enough room to display all of your clothes for the season. with all of this in mind, here are a few rules that kelly goes by when organizing closets for her clients and some things that i learned from my own re-org (including pictures from my own, personal closet).

[also, we are talking about organizing your everyday closet. that is the closet where you keep all the clothes that you are going to wear each day. not the out of season closet or the linen closet or the closet of old bridesmaid dresses or whatever other closet you might have!]

step #1 matching hangers

all of your clothes should hang on the same hangers. it does not really matter what kind of hangers you choose, it only matters that they are all the same. i like these that are available at the container store.

step #2 clear it out and start over

take all the clothes out of your closet and put them back in categories that makes sense to you. with your hanging clothes, for instance, you could move from tank tops, to short sleeve tops, to long sleeve tops, jackets, skirts, pants, and finally dresses. you can move from light to dark in color within each category. this way you know where to look for items and nothing will get lost or overlooked.

step #3 make it pretty

hang all of your clothes facing the same way. button the top button of shirts, jackets and pants. fold all your sweaters the same way. in retail stores, great pains are taken to display clothes so that they are visually pleasing, this makes customers feel good and excited about buying clothes. you will feel more excited and confident about your outfit everyday if your choices look more appealing when you open your closet. organizing your clothes will also reveal some of the strengths and weaknesses of your wardrobe. you might see that you have too many of one item and not enough of another. this will help you build future shopping lists.

step #4 fold it up

fold up your jeans and sweaters. a top rack of your closet is ideal. fold your jeans and put them on a pile in your closet going from darkest on the bottom up to lightest on the top. fold your sweaters and arrange them by color. try to put no more than 3 or 4 on a pile so that the piles don’t topple over.

step #5 get some hangers with clips

hang dress pants, suit pants and jeans (if you can’t fold them) on the hangers with clips. this way they will be hanging nicely and easy to find.

side bar: kelly’s thoughts on multi-tiered hangers and plastic shoe racks….

juli had about seven pairs of pants on one hanger. and, that was just one hanger. there were several more just like this in her closet at one time. i personally could not get dressed and deal with that. i would not know which pants are where or what i had in my closet. if you have these types of multi-tiered hangers, ask yourself, why do you need to have seven pairs of pants (or more) readily available? it is okay if you wear these pants everyday. but, if you sometimes wear dresses or skirts, then you have too many.

juli also had the shoe wheel stuffed with shoes. if you have 30+ pairs of shoes in a giant plastic contraption of any kind, it is bad for your shoes and just weird. shoes, even if you consider them inexpensive, should be cared for as long as you intend to wear them. (and if you don’t intend to wear them, you know what to do!) this means no smashing them into plastic pockets.

step #6 shoes on the floor or in boxes

for everyday use, keep about 7-10 pairs of shoes that you wear on the floor of your closet. this way you can see them and easily access them. for the rest (dress shoes and out of season shoes), store them somewhere else (maybe in another closet, under your bed or on the other side of your closet that you aren’t using for everyday items). when you buy new shoes, keep the boxes and use the boxes to store shoes. if you really want a pair that you have stashed away, you will be able to find them easily since they will be organized (hopefully). personally, i’m constantly editing all my shoes. i consign or donate two pairs every time the i buy one new pair

step #7 separate the nice things

if you have nice dresses or jackets that you only wear on special occasions, either put them away or designate another spot in your closet. they shouldn’t be hanging with your everyday items. this will cloud your vision and confuse you. for juli, we ended up clearing out a whole closet, so i hung her nice clothes in the spare closet. this way the clothes are hanging neatly, but they aren’t distracting her everyday when she goes to get dressed.

step #8 maintenance

tidy up your closet each week. really, you should be doing this as you go along, but we all know that this doesn’t always happen. so, once a week, maybe when you are putting your laundry away, take 10 minutes to go through your closet and put it back into order. straighten up the clothes on the hangers and turn them all the same way, lay shoes neatly on the floor, refold your jeans and sweaters etc. when you go to get dressed the next time, you’ll be happy to look at a fresh, clean space again.

so, there you have it: a clean, neat, hyper organized closet!

have we inspired you to clean out your closet? send before/after pictures to info{@} – we want to see your work and pat you on the back!"

Check out Julianne's post on her site for before and after pictures... i'm inspired...

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  1. You read my mind with this post, just last night I took a look in my closet and told myself I HAVE to organize it ASAP! :)


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