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October 27, 2009

Close to settling...

I think we are very close to settling on a few BIG things this week:

1. Shuttle is about to be booked. Currently booking one b/c the company will let us add another closer to the end of the year at the same rate - we need to double check room block and numbers and see if we need two all day or just one at first and then two at night - the biggest issue with shuttles - they charge a 5 hour minimum
2. Bridesmaid dresses - I hit up Dress Barn. And sadly, this year it seems the DRESS barn is lacking in dresses. Usually they have a lot of cute dresses for about $50 bucks that can be used as bridal party dresses. Sad about this... but we have a back up...
3. Invitations - About to order those today from Magnet Street Weddings so i can get the outer envelopes to our friendor Kelly (Calligraphy by Kelly Ann) so she can start working on those. We will get the details of the invites and the custom map design by Larissa at PaperCake Designs uploaded soon as well :)
4. Bridal Shower invitations will be ordered later today for the CA bridal shower. I won a gift certificate for Wedding Paper Divas - so i get to use that for the showers.
5. Rehearsal Dinner Venue - will be decided this week ... I hope. I kind of passed the baton on this one to FH b/c i'm not too thrilled with all our options (or lack thereof).
6. Working with Madeleine about Skin Care :) (Check out her awesome blog Peace Love Lipgloss)
7. Working with Jackie about Candy Buffet Bar (Check out her awesome blog and site)

Ok, i can do this .... slow and steady wins the race...  Ladies, don't forget - you have less than a week to enter the Invitation Giveaway - and keep in mind, you CAN enter daily!


  1. Not sure what your thoughts are on this but we are seriously considering the Spaghetti Factory in Newport Beach for our rehearsal dinner. It is unfortunately a bit of a drive from our venue (probably about 35 minutes) but they have that great big room upstairs where we can fit about 45-50 people and their menu is super reasonably priced. Plus my FH and I love that place...spaghetti with great sauces, salad, garlic cheese bread, and spumoni ice cream! Who can resist? Maybe something to look into?

  2. Ah, follow up! I just noticed you subscribed to my blog and I am so excited! I saw that you are using Cheesy Photobooths like me (LOVE THEM - I will be posting soon about how I am using this incorporated into my guest book). But I didn't know you are using Allison over at Flower Allie. Love her so much! I am so excited to meet with her for our first design meeting in just a few weeks. We might have lots in common. FYI - I used to live in Rancho Santa Margarita (your venue city) about 13 years ago. Loved it quaint and small and pretty.

  3. Looks like you've got everything in order :-).



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