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October 23, 2009

Updated: Honeymoon St. Maarten/Martin

FH and I are considering using our Continental miles to fly somewhere in the Caribbean.  We were thinking of St. Maarten (Dutch side)

{Image source Trip Advisor}

Anybody been there? Or been somewhere around there and can give us advice as to whether or not its a good honeymoon destination? We're trying to use hotel points for our stay as well.

Where have you decided to go for your honeymoon?

From Becca: (she gave me permission to give y'all her email in case you had questions!)

~"The busy season is November through April so both March and May would have positives and negatives. Since March would still be the busy season, there would obviously be more people there. However, during the off season, some businesses close so there may be less to do. We went during the off season and we saw quite a few shops that closed. However, we didn't have any trouble staying busy."
~"Things actually are not that expensive. You can find restaurants in any price range."
~"The beach we liked the most, we had to pay $6 for each chair and the umbrella. My fiance did not think we would need much cash but we ended up using cash a lot more than we thought. Luckily, there are plenty of ATM's if you need more cash." (especially for tips!)
~"I would recommend buying a guide book. The island is really tiny but it is really hard to know where the nice areas are...This is the book we bought and it was very helpful:"
~"You may want to take a day to just drive around and get an idea of the different areas. I would recommend renting a car."

~"A couple of things we did that we really enjoyed:

1. We went on a half day snorkeling trip with Captain Allen. Here is their website: The guides were great and they took us to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen on a secluded island. I would definitely recommend this.

2. We went horseback riding with Lucky Stables. We went on a two hour sunset ride where we stopped and watched the sunset. The guide started a fire and we had Champagne and toasted marshmallows. It was the most romantic thing we did. Here is their website:

3. Sunset Cruise...

4. If you or your fiance like butterflies, St. Martin has a really cool butterfly farm. When you go and pay to get in they will give you a ticket that gets you in the rest of the week. We went on a short tour with a really awesome guide. There were butterflies EVERYWHERE and some of them would even land on you. I thought it was pretty cool.

Try to find out when the cruise ships are docking. They usually dock around 8 and everyone on the cruise has to be back by 5. Some of the things to do, like the butterfly farm, get REALLY busy when the cruise ships dock so you may want to go a earlier or later in the day to avoid the huge crowds. Shopping in Phillipsburg is a huge attraction too. There are so many shops that it is probably a place you would want to see.

My overall advice is to do some research before you go to figure out some of the places you want to see. Drive around to get your feel of the island."

My friend also sent me some pics of her vacation there - so i'll update again! :)


  1. St. Maarten is my in-laws FAVORITE Caribbean island. They go on a cruise 1-2 times a year and they always come back saying that St. Maarten is still their favorite. They have never actually stayed on the island so unfortunately I don't have any hotels to recommend. Good luck! :-)

  2. We just got back from our honeymoon (on Saturday) and we went to St. Martin! We stayed on the French side but there are great hotels and tons of stuff to do on both sides. Email me at and let me know where you guys are thinking about staying. I can give you all the advice you need. I actually wish I had talked to someone that had been there before we went because it was hard to figure out what to do once we got there.

  3. Looks beautiful. Never been there but also want a beach honeymoon. Good luck!

  4. Oooo i want to hear about this honeymoon too Becs! Sounds awesome, and totally along the lines of what i am looking for. Tropical, but not somewhere that like, eveerrrryone goes.

  5. Hey Tiffany! I would be glad to tell you what I told Aj. It looks like she might be updating her blog with some of the stuff I told her but I would be glad to email you what I sent her. Send me an email at and I will get that info to you! Love your blog by the way!

  6. I travel regularly to St. Martin. It is my favorite Island. I generally stay on the French side it can be less crowded. You are also a ferry trip away from St.Bart's and Anguilla (Highly recommend a trip to one of those two islands.) My advice on the Dutch side is while it can be a lot of fun it can also be crowded. The cruise ships come into Phillipsburg and there are times you can 3 or 4 in during a day. While you want at least one ship in so all the shops open you certainly want to plan around the afternoon that 4 ships are in port. Keep in mind that the around island 37 square miles in size and everything on either, the Dutch or French, side is fairly accessible. Enjoy!!!

  7. St.Maarten is the lovely place i have ever been visited.And the description written by you was amazing!!!


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