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October 16, 2009

New Addition and then some

Yay it's friday!! Survived yet another busy week of 10+hr work days to be able to avoid working this weekend and even fit a Brides Color event in with a newly engaged friend and two other awesome ladies (post to come)!

This weekend FH and I are headed to nj to meet the newest addition to our extended family: his neice

Also back in CA, we have a new addition a month ago to my brother's family too

More exciting news is my SIL's nephew whi was shot in the face on June 19, 2009 is out of a coma and the doctors think he may regain full vision (check out

And just to brag a little. Check out what fH had for me as a surprise the other night.

that's right. It's COUNTRY ROCK BAND!!!!!! Yeehaw! :-)

Have a great Friday y'all!!!


  1. YAAAAAY COUNTRY ROCK BAND, can't wait! But the puppy is so cute, and the goddaughter, precious gift. Awesomeness for a friday post.

  2. Great news on all accounts~ esp Tonyboy! :)

  3. Great updates, congrats on all the good news!


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