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October 13, 2009

Super cute Cake Topper

This was the really adorable cake topper. Made me realize I need to start brainstorming what I will do for my wedding

Isn't is it so cute???

What are you doing for your cake topper?

- Ramblings by Amy Jean {Relentless Bride}


  1. super cute, I am totally into non-traditional wedding toppers

  2. We're having a Wall-E and Eve cake topper custom made on etsy! Check it out: here

  3. We had a letter B. I loved how simple and pretty it was.

  4. My SIL made a fimo version of our dog! I loved it so much and the best part...we can save it forever. Now our little clay dog sits on a bookshelf in the living room :-)

  5. What about you two in baseball uniforms with the pups?

  6. Its very cute! Can also look more better on a 3 tier cake.


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