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October 15, 2009

Teaser Photos {C&B Wedding} Peabody Library

I just got some teaser photos from the ever-so awesome Denny Henry.  He was kind enough to send over a few shots right away and I just had to share... Not only do i love this venue and I'm so glad i got to work with the awesome Ladies at the Peabody, but Bonny with Chef Expressions and her catering staff were AMAZING. The musicians for ceremony and cocktail Hour, Antares Musicians were awesome.  The florist (Floral Contempo) was awesome, Lighting from Event Dynamics Inc was spectacular, and the DJ ... AJ from AJ Pro was really really fun (one of the best DJ's i've heard at a wedding)! The event was soooo very amazing and I'm so glad i got to not only attend the wedding but be a part of it...

So here are a few shots from Denny, The bride's cousin is also planning to send me a few shots as well - so expect lots of great photos from this amazing Event!


Practicing the Waltz

Groom and his boys

So cute and in love!

Doesn't the bride just look magnificent?

Make sure to check out Denny's site for some great photos!


  1. whoa! that cake is cool! and everyone looks like they're having so much fun.

  2. oh, you're fast! i didn't realize denny already had pics available! i got some pics from eunjue's camera, my bro will send me some, and there's tons from denny and harry. looking forward to seeing them when i get back from the honeymoon. nice flattering selections, amy! kekeke

  3. the groom and his boys pics made me laugh so hard. and i hadn't realized that ben had some moves, we had never gone out dancing. that night we were both very very happy. i can't believe how amazing it all went. every little bit of it. again, you were the critical part of it, putting it all together and managing it so it ran smoothly. all the details i had never even thought of that you planned for and took care of!! i don't know how many compliments i got about the wedding.


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