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October 22, 2009

Thursday morning ramblings

Here comes Thursday and work has got me tied up. I've got a to-do list that scares me and a few issues this week that have been annoying me.

To do list
1. Figure out invitation count and place order so I can get the outer envelopes to wonderful calligrapher Kelly-Ann
2. Figure out map stuff for awesome invitation designer and custom map maker Larissa from PaperCake Designs (have you entered the amazing invitation giveaway?)
3. Work on layout stuff for invitations

Here is a sample of my invitations (taken with my iphone so picture quality is eh). They are from MagnetStreet Weddings and they are fabulous. The quality seen online doesn't do the products justice. The paper quality, ink and designs are awesome

4. Figure out honeymoon stuff. Place and timing with potential new work schedule. I got an amazing email from a reader yesterday about St. Maarten/Martin and want to update this post
5. Redo registry
6. Figure out shuttles
7. Find hair person
8. Settle on a dress for ladies
9. Get FH to pick tux after #8
10. Catch up on my blogging - have you checked out the Weddzilla Blog lately?! Full of great bloggers and awesome content - Are you interested in becoming a Featured Blogger, if so - sign up here!
11. Measure bed frame and hope to get a bigger bed. Little Kota likes to sleep in bed but our full size ain't cuttin' it

Bones to pick this week
1. Angels ... Breaking my heart, you are. The series has been a painful blowout and with FH a Yanks fan and me an Angels fan. Things have been tense
2. Juneau pup has a bladder infection - hopefully that's what it is and nothing more serious
3. Vet tech referred to Kota as "a BIG Shiba" and last night after eating dinner, Kota threw up :-(

Random News
My girl who got married in Puerto Vallarta in May - who had the whole dealio with Swine Flu, but we all went and had a blast and came back safely. Well turns out at her At-Home reception, people who were exposed and even some INFECTED WITH SWINE FLU showed up and now her sister in law has it. GO FIGURE. Talk about ironic. Luckily she's sailing in the carribean right now... hopefully safe and not swine flu-infected!

Is it Friday yet?


  1. Just breathe! The list is a good start!

  2. I am also an Angels fan and devastated by horrible umpire calls, a lackluster amount of fan support and a team that will hopefully not be blown out today:(

    As far as your to-do mentioned needing someone to do hair and I believe you are local to me (Orange County). I have a hair stylist, Natalie Buketov for my own wedding who is also doing my makeup. Love her! If you'd like, check out her link on my blog at


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