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October 09, 2009

Tipping - Who ? What? How much?

Borrowed from Weddzilla Blog Via Information taken from, "The Mother-of-the-Bride Book," by, Sharon Naylor.

A lot of people can get confused when it comes to tipping and who to tip! Here are a few helpful tips on who and when to tip, and how much.

  • Banquet hall manager: 10-20% of the total reception bill.
  • Bartenders: 10% of the liquor bill. (Guests should also tip.)
  • Beauty consultants: 15-20% of beauty salon bill.
  • Coat check: $1 a person.
  • DJ/band: $20-$30 each.
  • Delivery people: $10-$20 each.
  • Limousine driver: 15-20% of total transportation bill.
  • Party bus: $20-$40.
  • Wedding consultant: 10-15% of wedding expense.


  1. really? you're supposed to tip your wedding consultant in addition to what you contracted to pay her??

  2. Is this on top of the 20% gratuity already added to our venue's bill?

  3. Hmmmm! You seemed to have forgotten the Minister. I frequently receive gratuities of $50 to $100 and more for my "romantic" wedding ceremonies.

  4. thanks - this was very helpful!


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