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October 26, 2009

Wedding Day SkinCare Prep

So i want to be absolutely GLOWING on my wedding day... but i've always had bad skin - anybody have a good skin care regiment they can recommend? I'm still 4+ months out - could have started earlier, but its never too late, right?

Would love to hear any input or advice for products, regiments, and or devices that help!!! (I've heard great things about Clarisonic - but its a big investment - any input?)


  1. Girleen!!! Email moi! I would suggest some mild chemical peels & maybe even an IPL laser treatment to even out skin tone & fade hyperpigmentation. I know beauty ain't cheap- but can you put a price on how you feel on your big day?

  2. IPL does wonders. I got merely one treatment in Seoul and it evened out my face so nicely. All the acne marks were almost gone.
    I also got facials once a week for 5 weeks before the wedding. For some reason, maybe because of stress, my skin started breaking out around 5 weeks before, getting acne all over, and the facials helped. The improvement wasn't as noticeable, but it also helped me emotionally that I had done something to prepare for the day of.
    As for weight loss, I went down 2 pounds the last week due to it being so hectic with relatives in town, but only around 7 pounds total during the entire engagement period. I regained the 2 pounds after the honeymoon.
    For some reason though, I am optimistic that my weight will go down in the next few months. I suspect the emotional calmness of being married that I am feeling now will help me, since I tend to oversnack/overeat when I'm stressed out.

  3. Hi Dear --

    I got the Clarisonic and love it. The environment up here is harsh on the skin so I've been really diligent about skin care the last couple of years. I started off convinced that I had to use just one brand but I found that I had better results with mixing different products. So now I tend to use MD Formulations, Bliss and Clinque for various applications. Let me know if you want more info - I can email it to you.

  4. I am facing this issue too. Although I have more time, I was thinking of starting from now. Was going to look into proactive as I've never used this and many people have said it works for them. Also planning on getting facials every couple months from now till wedding day

  5. Pro Activ is not great. My aesthetician informed me that it basically dries your skin out and you don't want that. You want to look refreshed, healthy, glowing. I get facials every couple months and my aesthetician uses products by Osmosis line. She buys them for me at her cost and lets me pay the wholesale price so that I can continue using them on my own. They aren't super cheap, but they're not super expensive either.

    I am horrible about a skin care regimen but this is super easy. I basically just keep the Osmosis Cleanse (cleanser) in my shower and wash my face in there. Then after toweling off, I mix together the Shelter (moisturizer) and the Clarify (an acne treatment). Since I started using the products a couple years ago, I RARELY ever break out. And I used to have a lot of problems with acne.

    I also encourage you NOT to get a facial the day of or before your wedding...if you're not used to it or something hormonal goes wrong, you could end up all red and blotchy. I am getting my facial 2 nights before the big day. And I also tell my girl that I want to be glowing and have toned skin for the makeup and pictures...she treats me differently depending on what I tell her I want to achieve.

    Have fun with it!

  6. Hi and congratulations!
    You should get a facial about two weeks before the big day, if you have skin problems (acne - big pores) you can get a diamond peel. Your skin will look great after that.
    You should try using professional skin care products like vivier:

  7. I'm dealing with the same issue. I have about 7.5 months left, so I'm doing some experimenting. I have acne and never really have found anything that I really liked, including things from the dermatologist. Right now I'm trying the Oil cleansing method that I've read on a couple blogs. Its cheap, natural and promising, so I have my fingers crossed! If this doesn't work, my next move is to try Burt's Bees acne line because I love their other products. Best of luck, please let me know if you find something that works!

  8. i did laser genesis in hermosa beach... tightened up my was awesome! highly rec! i also did 2 facials...

  9. I'm young but I've had horrible acne my whole life. the only thing that ever ended up working for me was starting birth control pills. they worked wonders! and fast too! saint Ives also makes a fantastic olive based face wash and as always moisturize daily and exfoliate once a week!

  10. Has anyone got plastic surgery in Toronto before their wedding? I have a good friend that wants to but I'm not sure what to tell her. Is it a good idea?


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