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November 27, 2009

First Dance as a Married Couple

With a little over four months left for planning, it's the small details that are starting to really need attention. The newest thing to weigh on my mind is the couple's first dance. Probably b/c FH isn't one for dancing - and we aren't sure how to approach this subject.

At the last wedding I coordinated (see more pics here), the couple did a choreographed dance to a waltz...

(Photo by Denny Henry)

It was the PERFECT dance for them bc of the bride's personality and taste in music. It reflected them as a couple well and because waltzes tend to be choreographed dances, the dance itself just fit the music and the style. I really loved it and I had never seen a waltz at a wedding before and was so impressed by the dance!!

So now Im thinking about our first dance. we still want to make it memorable and fun and definitely NOT awkward!!

Would you suggest dance classes? Have any of you taken dance classes?! I'd love to know you you handled or intend to handle your first dance...


  1. Sounds like the bride and groom had a nice time. Love the pic.

  2. hey..We took dance lessons and it was great. We did a class with other couples. It taught us the basic steps and then we put moves together. It was fun practicing and we just got our video back and it looked great.


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