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November 19, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses - CHECK... Well almost?!

Ok, so this is my decision and I'm sticking to it...

I think...

My MOH and FSIL and SIL will be in these dresses:

My remaining BM's will be in this dress: 

The main reason I have differentiated the ladies is because not all the dresses are available in every size. The second dress would have had all the sizes, but a review i read said that the dress isn't very flattering for the bigger busted ladies. And as much as i do want my ladies in the same dress - i figure the same color and general style is good enough b/c I want them to all be flattered and look good too :) The first dress i think flatters almost any body type, so I have put the MOH and two SILs in those dresses (i.e., family in one style) and my friends in the other style...

Do you think it will look ok? I hope so... Bargain prices, cute rewearable dress... I hope it works the way i'm envisioning!


  1. They look wonderful. I'm sure it'll work just great and I say nothing pulls off a wedding party attire like a happy and comfortable bunch of ladies as opposed to cookie cutter dresses.

  2. I think it will be gorgeous! Those dresses are beautiful and I love the idea to vary them slightly. I am doing something a little similar with my girls. 4 will be in one dress and the other 2 have dresses by the same designer and fabric but in a slightly different style that is more flattering on each of them. So in total, I have 3 different BM dresses in my wedding party.

  3. I think they all look gorgeous alone and together!

  4. Hey Girly! I love the second dress - style, cut, colors! I know you read a review that busty women may not look good in it but keep in mind that that's just one person's opinion - the dress may infact look great on all your girls : ) I hope I didn't just make your decision more complicated : /

  5. I am doing something a little similar with my girls.

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  6. Great dresses for your girls....truth is different women have different needs, preferences and your passion with

  7. They are really cute! They're going to look great!

  8. definitely cute! i looked at those for mine. the prices can't be beat, that's for sure!


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