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November 25, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses, The Saga Continues

So... We are almost there, remember my last plan?

Bridesmaids that are family in these dresses:

Bridesmaid that are not family in these dresses:

Well, here is my Plan A - if it can be executed, with all the ladies in the dresses above... One of my awesome BM's has tried on this dress and her comments were: "really elegant"; "internet pictures don't do it justice"; "very understated and beautiful"; "really really flattering".  Check it out Charcoal!

Thus, if it flatters all my girls, i'll go with one dress for everybody ... and part of the BM gifts will include paying for the dresses since I am getting MAJOR BARGAIN PRICES That will have me getting ALL 7 dresses, with shipping & Tax all included at less than $250 dollars TOTAL!!!!!!!!!

I mean, I've said it all along  - i AM a bride on a budget, and that means when i can get a GREAT Deal - I will take it and I will not in any circumstance try to have my girls pay a penny over what they need to :) YAY for bargains! Yay for quality! Yay for almost having this off my checklist... (next on to shoes!)

All of these dresses are from CONNECTED APPAREL (as seen on or


  1. How did you get such a great deal on your dresses!? That is awesome! Love them!

  2. Stacey <<<< Very jealous.

    Stacey <<<< Wants a deal like that!

    Stacey <<<< Thinks you are bride of the week scoring that find and loves your gown choices!

  3. Oh I love the BM dress! I love the price too, wow I better start shopping around! Such a cute dress!


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