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November 11, 2009

Found the perfect BM Dresss

but... (isn't there always a glitch?) they don't have enough sizes. Where did i find them? Via So i'm on a mission to find these or any dress that looks similar in "charcoal", Gray, Pewter or dark gray.... Your help is very necessary...

Both images are via

Basically any dress that looks like this or has this feel, flowy chiffony and a price tag less than $50 bucks each... I want it in a dark gray/charcoal... neckline can be different. My girls range is sizes from 0/2 to 14/16 ... i did think about altering the 10's down, but not sure if it will work. If anybody knows a way to do this - i'm open to suggestions.

Our dresses need to be ordered like last week if we go with the David's Bridal option... i'd much prefer these dresses b/c they are more flowy, cheaper and just seem like they would be worn again...

Thoughts, opionions? Suggestions... anything... i'm feeling desparate!

Thanks Y'all!!! :)


  1. Your dresses remind me of mine sort of...a flowy chiffon knee length dress with a pretty neckline :) Though my girls had to pay $140 for theirs :( If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't buy the BM dresses at a bridal salon but would have looked online or at stores like Macy's, Nordstrom's, etc. Nice find. If I see/think of anything, I'll let you know!

  2. they remind me kinda of the dresses my BMs wore..Jcrew... we also got them on sale 119.00
    ?? anyways...i think they are called sophia... chiffon...we used black...very simple..elegant!


  4. Please check these dresses out. I hope it helps!!!

  5. These dresses look great. Who are they made by?

  6. these dresses are lovely -- very soft and feminine looking

  7. I believe the dresses are by Connected Apparel

  8. Hey Amy... not inthe price range...but I came across this cute dress at nordy's!



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