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November 20, 2009

Great Wedding Photo Tips

From Tina Shah Doshi...

It's time to learn the secrets to what make great wedding photographs. Most of us think great photographers create great photographs. This is only half the secret. It takes more than just the photographer to create those memorable images. Photographer Tina Shah Doshi of clues you in on what you need to know for great wedding photographs.
New York, New York, November 2009 - Based on creativity, personality, professionalism, and reliability - you have carefully chosen the right photographer to capture your special day. However, choosing the right photographer is just the first step to ensuring you have great wedding photographs. There are several things you need to know to make sure you have those photos that tell the perfect story of your special day. Below are some essential tips to ensuring that you will have those images that you will want to share and look at over and over again.
·       A few months before the wedding, schedule a couple shoot or studio sitting. According to wedding photographer, Tina Shah Doshi, "sessions prior to your wedding are a great way for your photographer to learn your personality and style." It’s also a great way for you build additional rapport with your photographer, and get more comfortable in front of the camera lens. Most couples really have not worked with a photographer since their school pictures. Not only will a pre-wedding session get you more comfortable, but it will also prepare you for how the photographer will give you direction on your big day.
·       Know your style. Tina Shah Doshi knows how to work with all styles including the traditional, candid, and photojournalistic. Let your photographer know in advance if you have a preference towards one or the other. Keep in mind that great wedding pictures are made up of a combination of all styles. Its important to capture those special emotions and glances that no one else may see, but its important to have a selection of formal and group shots as well.
·       Plan enough time for group pictures. Your wedding is a special time for all of your friends and family to come together. Many of them have probably traveled quite a bit to be apart of your celebration. It’s important to schedule enough time during the wedding for group pictures. If group pictures are not planned for accordingly, they may delay your actual wedding day itinerary significantly. Plan for at least 5 minutes for each group picture, and be sure to delegate a family member to gather all of the groups. Since your photographer will not who is who, a family member assisting with the group session will make sure the shots go a lot smoother.
·       Plan enough time to get ready. When you, your sisters, your mom, and all of your bridesmaids are getting ready in the morning, this can take a significant amount time. A delay with your stylist can set you behind for your entire day. The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is rushed. Be sure to schedule enough time to get ready. Plan your day with a few time buffers. Therefore, even if you are running late, everything should work out fine. “You may want to also consider having your photographer there while you are getting ready,” recommends photographer Tina Shah Doshi. Getting ready shots are great part of the story telling aspect of your day.
·       Include time for just the two of you. Schedule at least 30 minutes with just you and your photographer. You will want to make sure you get those romantic shots that everyone loves. This session should be a closed session in order to truly capture those intimate moments. No other guests or family members of the couple should be present. This will allow you the opportunity to be more relaxed and comfortable with each other. According to Tina Shah Doshi, “I find many times that these are the most favorite pictures chosen by couples. It’s usually after the ceremony, and they can be the most relaxed if they have a few moments to themselves.” Be sure that your photographer can really take advantage of the location of your event.
·       Be comfortable. If you know you have a preference for wearing your hair and make-up a certain way, why deviate significantly on your wedding day? The best photographs are when you look natural and comfortable. Be sure your style on wedding day is who you are. When a Bride is uncomfortable, it will show in the pictures. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better your photographs will be.
·       Know that nothing goes perfect. “Some of the best photographs I have taken are when the Bride and Groom are smiling and laughing all day,” say Tina Shah Doshi. Don’t let a small mishap with your florist, caterer, DJ, any vendor, or even a guest ruin your special day. “I think because some brides put so much pressure on themselves to make sure every detail is just right, they can get easily disappointed if something goes wrong,” says Tina Shah Doshi. Just know in advance some details may not go exactly as planned, and as long as you set on going with the flow of that day – there is no reason why you shouldn’t be wearing a smile all day long. No matter how artistic a photograph may look through angles, composition, or lighting – a Bride will always look at how she looks in that photograph first. If she is smiling and happy, she is bound to love that photograph that much more.
·       Be mindful of how much you drink.  Weddings are celebrations. If you want to enjoy a few drinks, just keep in mind your tolerance level. Remember you will be photographed and possibly even videotaped all day. You won’t want to look back at photographs where you appear to have had one too many. Be sure to keep your energy levels up, and have a great time with all your guests. Stay hydrated.
·       Be sure your photographer knows your wedding day itinerary in advance. When your photographer knows your itinerary in advance, this will help them to plan better key and creative shots. It will also let them know when they have sufficient time to recharge their equipment if necessary.
·       Have a great time. Smile. Nothing is more important than having a great time on your special day.  “I tell every one of my couple’s that I am there for them on there special day,” says photographer Tina Shah Doshi. They shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Just be sure to delegate any special tasks, and everything will fall into place. Enjoy your day.

Great wedding photos really are a combination of the effort from the photographer and the couple. With trust, some planning, and a lot of fun ~ you will have those beautiful images that tell the perfect story of your special day.


  1. Such great reminders...I keep rethinking the time constraints when thinking about how long we will need for photos/video and my vendors just keep telling me they know what they're doing and it will work out. But I keep wanting to 'pad' the amount of time we set aside for those things by at least 30 minutes just to be safe :)

  2. Great tips, thank you for posting. We just did our engagement photos and it was really helpful to see our photographer in action and get to know each other better. I highly recommend it. :)

  3. Thanks for the post. These tips give you something to think about.


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