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November 24, 2009

Table Identifiers

FH and I... well mostly the I part, are considering using something other than table numbers to identify our tables.  There are two reasons i really want to do this - #1. I think it can be really unique and different and personal and #2. Korean people can be easily insulted. If i accidentally put someone at table 13 or the last numeric table available - i mean, it would be cause enough for one of them to get insulted and that's the last thing i want to do... so i'm thinking... table identifiers can make life easier and fun.

BUT what can we use?

Song Names:
I heard (via Twitter) recently Alyssa Milano used songs from the Beatles, with the head table being "here there everywhere."  This is a cool idea if we could agree on an artist or theme. Because FH and I have such differing taste in music, this could cause more trouble than we need - a couple artists we definitely both love are Johnny Cash and Bob Marley.

I recently saw on Paper Cake Designs Blog a couple who used elements from the periodic table b/c the groom is a chemist. {Image borrowed from here}

So, i came up with legal terms: maybe terminologies or common sayings, but none really seemed appropriate... lol. I mean "res Judicata" or "res ipsa loquitor" not really things that seem too wedding bliss - esque, but i think if we searched hard enough - this could work.

Sayings I live by:
So far i like this one best. Just b/c i am always saying certain things over and over again.... so such phrases as -
- Carpe Diem
- Live Love Laugh
- No regrets
- Dance like no one is watching
- Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live
- the most important things in life aren't things

You get the point.

This is simple and easy. Use different colors

Places we've traveled together:
The only problem is there aren't too many, so i was thinking maybe places important to us individually and then as a couple, and maybe a little blurb as to the background of that place

Sports affiliated:
Since FH is an avid sports fan - it would be easy to incorporate baseball or football into the theme

Just using random photos or images as the table identifier. This could be fun and we could incorporate our pups into these photos.

Hmmm... any others? What are you doing as a table identifier?


  1. We may do a surf location theme... all of my fiances favorite surf spots (we're having a beach wedding).

    Let us know what you decide to go with!

  2. These ideas are great! I just had little name cards at each table. Wish I had of thought of this idea! So Fun!

  3. we're doing song names - we're both really big music lovers so each table name is one of our songs or a song that reminds us of each other.

  4. Originally thought we'd do table names...were thinking of using Bible Scripture references. Or you could use poets or the names of famous poems. For those that do song titles, I saw table cards that had the song title in large font and then in smaller font a few of the lines of the song that the couple really loved.

    I think we are going to go with just plain numbers, but we are going to probably put some of our engagement photos on them or pics of us at places we've traveled. I want to make them unique still, I am thinking of incorporating a trivia question on the back side of each card and then placing it in a bell card holder I found online. The DJ will instruct guests that if they want to see us kiss, they need to answer the trivia question on the back of the card and ring the bell when they think they know the answer. Not sure how this will play out yet...still working on it.

    The trivia questions would be things related to us as a couple (where did we meet?) or things wedding related (where did the tradition of the garter toss originate from?).

  5. Like your ideas! As former Californians heading back out there for the wedding, we’re using postcards from our favorite cities and places around the state, like Disneyland and Yosemite.

  6. My fiance is a huge baseball freak, and so has a million pictures of players from now back to the 1930's (most are signed too). We picked the 10 best, scanned them and made them an antique sepia colour, and then superimposed a number onto each. The pics look amazing antiqued like that and its a way to give him some personalization into the wedding design.

  7. I am kind of in the same boat, not wanting to use numbers.

    I have also thought about using sayings. Most of mine are things like, dancing and party related for some reason! i guess to continue with the festive and celebratory frame of mind. Some of the ones i've randomly been writing down are: "dancing on air" "walking on sunshine" "all that jazz" " have a ball!" "it don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that swing"... I've also thought about doing different romantic quotes from movies... there are several from the notebook that would work, and plenty from older movies.

    One idea i also heard of was to title each table a different song name - some of your favorite songs that are definitely going to be played at the wedding. when the band starts playing that song, during the dancing portion, the guests at that table will probably get up and dance if they aren't already up!

    my FH is a HUGE sports fan also!! So if you end up incorporating that in any way I'd love to hear about it! I've been trying to tie it in somehow, but i just haven't been able to think of something that still seems "wedding" enough.

    can't wait to hear what you decide on! Good luck!

  8. How about different dog breeds? That way you can use your pup for the head/wedding party table picture and breed name, and other breeds (maybe even associated with who would be sitting there if there wouldn't be too much conflict) for other tables with cute pup pics!

  9. We are using romantic movies as our table names. And, we bought these movie camera photo clips to hold them.

  10. Since we are getting married on a yacht in Newport and it's a bit of a tropical theme we are doing all California beaches for our table names.

  11. We used our E pics as our table numbers. I liked it b/c normally many people wouldn't see engagement pics so that was a fun way for us to show them off!

  12. The places you've been together is really cute! FH and I may steal it- we've driven cross country twice, so we have a lot of states that mean something to us. I like the idea of putting a small blurb next to it and maybe a picture as well.

  13. You could do grades. I mean 5th grade, and put up pics of you and FH from that grade, not necessarily a school pic. or what about years, and a pic of you, or your familes from that year, does that break the last number rule? The Poconos wedding had cute ones, but cant remember how they did it, but had old pics of them...rollerderby princess

  14. what about mashing up the puppy photos with the color idea? you could use different photos with a colored boarder, to make it easier for people to see from further away, while still using cute photos

  15. I love these ideas. I think I like white text on gray or silver. Looks very elegant.


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