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November 17, 2009

Tuxes - Check!

YAY! I got one thing off my list this weekend... And to be perfectly honest, i'm super happy b/c the other 10 to do's for this weekend just didn't happen...  So without further ado - i have to give mad props to Quelida who helped us at the Potomac Yard NOVA Men's Wearhouse... she was without a doubt, hands down SUPER DUPER AWESOME!

So here's the look we are going for:

bridal party:

And for Fh to be slightly different, he will be in the same colors but a bow tie (this was his idea)

This is awesome b/c i have a thing for bowties :)

The men will also have yellow bouts and FH will probably go with white/cream...

YAY! So happy i can say this is off my to do list...

What kind of suits/tuxes did you pick ?


  1. Nice! My FH has not picked out his tux yet I guess we need to get on that :)

  2. So jealous. The tuxes are the next big thing I've been trying to get nailed down. We are hoping to hit a Men's Wearhouse sometime this next month. I love the style you went for and think it will hopefully be very similar to what we end up with :)

  3. Add me to the jealous crew. We know the colors we want - the guys will have red vests and ties, David gets gold, and I think the dads are wearing black. Style though.... ugh. Have to get David in there sometime soon!


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