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November 30, 2009

Wedding Hair Stylist

So, this post is long overdue b/c i've been on a search to find myself and my ladies someone to get our hair "did"... and I think i found the coolest chick in the OC to do it... So her name is Chelsey and you can find her at Chelsey B Blog.

But showing you how cute she is won't explain her mad skills... so here's a few photos of some wedding shots she has done... Check it...

This first wedding is of Alekhine and Cecilia
(for more photos check them here from the Image is Found)

The next image is from Alicia and John's Wedding and I love the look here ... very romantic...

And i especially love the look that Hayley (from the Wedding of Hayley and JT) did with a different look for the ceremony and reception... I'd love to do this as well...

The Reception look:

(More images found here via Jessica Peterson's Blog)

I am so thrilled to have found someone so awesomely cool, with great skills... YAY! I think it'll be an awesome treat for my ladies to have her do our hair on the big day of...

Check out more cool photos here of another recent wedding she did!!


  1. Congrats on finding someone great! I’m meeting with a couple stylists when I’m in California later this month. Can’t wait!

  2. I love that we are both OC brides... now I have someone I can checkout for my hair! Yay! :)

  3. Yay... love the post! Thanks for all the sweet compliments!

  4. Chelsey is a great stylist and super cute!


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