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November 15, 2009

WeddingJoJo Website Winner

I am actually really excited to announce the winner of the WeddingJoJo Website giveaway... and one of the reasons I am, is because the question i posed: What is one of your favorite things about wedding planning thus far? For ME, the answer is all the awesome and wonderful bloggers i've met on my journey - and the lady who won this giveaway is a blogger whom i have followed for a while, who is an amazing blogger and we both have over year long engagements which has made the journey that much fun...

So without further ado... and it must be true that the early bird gets the worm... the winner of the contest was the very first Entry... from Princess Christy of Christy and David Blog!

And her winning entry was the first entry of the contest :


Congrats Christy! Shoot me an email at so i can put you in touch with the company!

6 or so more months, right? Wooo Can't believe how quickly time has flown for us both...


  1. Have to share the love, right? I'm so excited - thanks again!


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