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December 06, 2009

3 Month Countdown...

I can not believe I'm 20 months down, three months to go. Time sure flies ...

I'm really excited b/c today is Day 3 of the 100 push up challenge and all these amazing ladies are joining me along for this ride. As of yesterday, which was Day 2 - i woke up with ab soreness and arm soreness.... AB SORENESS? I don't even remember using my ABS... but it felt good. I complain about my arms, but i'm determined to not let this body issue i've had my whole life, interfere with my wedding day by doing something about it - so ladies, thanks for joining in and your support - please keep me posted as to how you are doing via comments or email me at

Slowly but surely everything is coming together. The little details are falling into place and people are emailing about having booked their flights. It's all becoming super real... and i can't tell you how excited I am to be at this point in the planning... It's been so much fun, but i have a feeling - i won't miss it b/c i'll be helping others plan - so i'll still get the thrill of planning even after my big day...hopefully i'll have more time to get back to blog reading instead of just planning... :)

3 more months... and i'll be a Mrs...  :-)


  1. just 3 months? Oh it's going to fly by - it's already been 3 weeks since I've been married...I feel like I just got engaged...enjoy it girl!

  2. Good job! I hate to say I haven't started yet :( BOO I am bad! I was busy decorating this weekend. So I WILL start tomorrow, I'll post about it and keep you updated!!! Keep up the good work!


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