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December 03, 2009

Black Wedding Dress?

Last week a friend mentioned that he had heard that Black wedding dresses was the NEW "in" thing... I was like really? ok... I mean, he's a guy who's not into weddings or fashion... what does he know? So i kinda blew it off.

Well OMG... I have to say I was foolish not to listen b/c i think he's right...Why, you ask? Well, a friend i met in the Blogosphere, Annie, who is my dress triplet (triplet b/c a friend from law school told me she was my dress twin a week before Annie contacted me) emailed me just a few moments ago mentioning the American Music Awards.  Since we're dress triplets, we've got the image of our beautiful Enzoani Dakota dress etched in our minds... and low and behold - Annie was watching the AMA's and noticed that the Fabulous Ms. Paula Abdul was IN OUR beloved ENZOANI DAKOTA but in BLACK!

FH - if you are READING... PLEASE STOP NOW!!!!

Images from Socialitelife

Doesn't Paula look stunning? Simply Gorgeous... that dress hugs her in all the right places!

Is that not my beloved Dakota? (Click here to compare).  CocoPerez states that this dress is ENZOANI!

And better yet... I tweeted Ms. Abdul and believe it or not, she responded...

So not only does Paula look amazing in "MY" wedding dress (in Black), but she's obviously uber cool b/c she responds personally to her fans...  and i guess  my friend was right... If Enzoani IS making black wedding dresses, does this mean it IS the new trend? It must be...


  1. I LOVE Enzoani, and that dress is gorgeous in black AND white! How does it feel to see your dress on the red carpet??? =)

  2. Wow, amazing dress - can't believe it's your wedding dress too! Gorgeous!

    And i absolutely love black - if it becomes a trend in wedding dresses, i swear i'm going to have to have a second wedding :)

  3. LOVE that dress darling, seriously, love it! AND she responded to your tweet! Amazing.

  4. OH That is stunning, I LOVE that dress!

  5. That dress is incredible! One of my friend's best friends works for Enzoani and could have gotten me a dress there at cost but alas I couldn't find anything I was in love with. I have seen brides on blogs who have actually worn a black gown and for some, it just works for them. I can't wait to see you in yours!

  6. ok, how cool that paul abdul tweeted with you! and second, i can't wait to see pics of you in that dress!

  7. How freaking cool that your dress was on the red carpet?!?! That's amazing! And uber cool of Paula to tweet you back :)

  8. That dress is gorgeous!!! And Paula tweeted you back!How cool!

    I think your friend is right. Not only black seems to be the "new think", but every other color. I recently posted about some gorgeous red dress for 2010. I also saw over StyleMePretty a bride in purple and she was stunning...


  9. **GASP!!** OMG Amy Jean...that dress is GORG!!!!!!!!!!!! You're going to be so beautiful in it!!! The train...ahhh...divine!!!

    And that Paula tweeted you back??? WOW!!! That doesn't happen every day, eh? : )

    You're so close to walking down the aisle!!...I'm SO excited for you. It's been a long time coming : )

  10. Beautiful dress! I love Enzoani, I chose the Barcelona for my wedding. The quality is exceptional. Wow Paula wrote you back, that's awesome.

  11. Awesome!!! That's my dress too!! I absolutely had to have it as soon as I put it on.

    Oh and Jordana is my photographer as well... small world! =)


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