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December 28, 2009

CA Bridal Shower {The Decor}

I have to give major props and kudos to my ladies in CA who threw me an awesome shower. It was colder in SoCal than i thought it'd be, but with a few warnings to friends and family to bring their sweaters, we still enjoyed a nice outdoor backyard shower... Here are a few pics of just the decor... (Thanks to my girl bo for some GREAT photos) Stay tuned for more to come! :)

The centerpieces were made out of the favors my SIL hand baked at home. Four different types of cookies... ALL DELICIOUS!

My SIL also handmade brownie pops dipped in White chocolate with blue sprinkles as favors. She's so creative and crafty...

My BM Suz brought some flowers and created mini flower arrangement at the last minute. It was definitely some mad skillz. I was impressed!

Note my Pimp Princess Martini Cup my cousin got for me. I absolutely love it and was drinking champagne out of it all day :)

The winter theme worked out perfectly. With the blue / purples and whites and all the snowflakes... it was so pretty and well done. I told my SIL she should consider doing this professionally b/c she is just so good at designing a great party... She can design, i'll coordinate! :)

Stay tuned for the next part.... FOOD!


  1. Looked really nice! Glad you had a good time!

  2. I am catchin' up with blogs post-holiday and LOVE the posts about the shower! The pictures are gorgeous!!!! I just love the Lolita glasses... you'll see them in my post coming up tonight on WZ!


  3. Your ladies did a great job decorating!! You must have been so happy when you arrived at the shower!

  4. Really pretty decorations, you must put so much heart in these, right?


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