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December 28, 2009

CA Bridal Shower {The Food}

Did i ever mention that my SIL is a phenomenal Cook? And she cooks my fave? Mexican!!! So although plans to have a taquiero were squashed (which i was more than happy with), my first choice was eating my SIL's enchiladas... The only issue i had with that is how much work she would have to do to prepare. The women missed Christmas festivities with the family to stay home and prep for my shower... Talk about a sacrifice... and now you have no reason wondering why I adore her so.

So without further ado, let me make you drool with some images of food prepared by my lovely SIL...
We had fresh cut fruit and veggies with dip.
There was homemade guacomole
My BM Made fresh made pico de gallo salsa
My fave - layered bean dip...

OMG OMG OMG. I'm just now realizing I don't have images of the MAIN meal... as soon as it was presented, we all dived in, so nobody took photos... WAH!!! :'( If i locate any better images of the main meal, i'll update this post :)

Well, we had red ground beef enchiladas with spanish rice. Taquitos and mini tacos. Homemade pinto beans. Homemade chili salsa for the food. My SIL had some spanish rice made from the night before that i kept picking at (secretly) when i woke up. She "didn't like the way it came out" and REMADE a new batch. Personally, her first batch was amazing... so i think she's nutso, but she made more rice and that was delicious.

For our dessert table:
Creme puffs dipped and drizzled with chocolate.
Mini Cheesecake cupcakes
Lemon thingies...

To end things off to give you an idea of what the happy faces who were eating this divine food looked like..

My High School friends (Sunny Hills RULES) enjoying all that good food. You can see some of the red enchiladas and spanish rice... and of course the look of pure happiness on my friends' faces. Nobody beats my SIL's cooking... It's fabulous!

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Yum! That all looks delicious! I want some guacamole now… :)

  2. YUMMY! You were spoiled - what a great SIL!


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