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December 10, 2009

{Product Review} Colgate Wisps

Recently I was sent some samples of the Colgate Wisps to try out.  I'm always open to trying new things, so i figure there's nothing to lose.

When the samples arrived, I barely even looked at them and just dropped 'em in my bag to take to work the next day.

At work the next day, i finally grabbed one after lunch... looked at it and was like, ok - let's give these babies a try.  I went to the bathroom and after unwrapping one (a package of four, all individually wrapped), I realized - hmmm... don't need water. Ok... interesting; and began to brush as instructed.

It was SO COOL!!!... you really don't need water. And you just brush like normal, and there is some liquid breath beads or something that release as you brush so you really have these clean fresh feeling. And on top of that the bottom has a soft pick to help you floss for in between your teeth...

I'm only wanting to share this b/c using them at work has been great, but i fully intend to have these on hand the day of the wedding. It gives me instant fresh breath and clean teeth - and i don't need water or to rinse or spit or anything - so no worries about creating a mess... I think i'll drop 'em in my Bridal party's bags as well, since they are so easy to use and carry. I figure if they are useful to me, some other brides out there may find them useful for them too!

I'll admit... i'm a bit addicted. It's not something I may have tried on my own - but i'm so glad that I did try them, b/c now I'm using them all the time!

Here's some more info on them from Colgate's own fact sheet:

Product Innovations
• Single-use, mini brush with refreshing liquid-filled breath bead
• Unique bristles and soft pick remove food and plaque from between teeth and along gum line
• No water or rinsing necessary, just brush and go
• Freshening flavors include Peppermint, Spearmint and Cinnamint
• Innovative slimshell packaging with individually foil-sealed brushes
• Available nationwide - April 2009
• Suggested Retail Price $2.39 for 4pk, and $7.99 for 16pk
Freshening bead releases a refreshing flavor as you brush, no rinsing required
Soft pick gets hard to reach places 

PS. I have to mention this... I'm Korean. I eat Korean food. AT WORK (sometimes). Man oh man, do these come in handy after i eat a bunch of kimchee and then have a meeting.... Just sayin'.. ya know... LOL. I'm sure my co-workers are thankful for it...


  1. Awesome - I think I need some of those for school!

  2. it's a fabulous product! i always have a pack in my bag and i kinda panic when i run out. they're fantastic!

  3. I was wondering about this product! I will have these with my on my big day as well and for the bathroom baskets!! Thank you for this!

  4. Nice review :) I will have to try one.


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