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December 24, 2009

First Fitting: Recap

So i went to my first fitting yesterday.

The dress was as gorgeous as i remembered.

I ordered a dress for 5'9 height b/c i was wearing 4 inch heels (I'm 5'5)- as instructed to do by the salon i tried the dress on at initially. However, I guess maybe its "hem to hollow" so the dress is slightly longer than expected AND I was wearing 4.5 inch heels.

We fixed it easily by pulling the one of the crinoline layers higher, which pushes out the dress - thus making it shorter.

Part of the problem was also that the dress kept falling a little. I had one of those body shapers on, and it made things a bit too slippery underneath.

So once we pulled that off, and brought the dress up a little - it looked much better. The dress fit EVERYWHERE even with room to give in various spots, but for this...

My biggest problem (of my life)... and I asked my MOH/cousin to photograph this as incentive for me to work out...

Do you see that? It's muffin top of the back. OMG... really? WHY? I can lose 20 more lbs and my arms and "return of the back fat" won't go away... It'll all just fall off my thighs and butt (yes i know, for some that would be a dream but in this case, nobody will see my thighs and butt and everybody WILL see my arms)!!!

I've been doing push ups and tons of cardio. I need good advice on how to fix this in 10 weeks. Please keep in mind - i'm the body type where I bulk up fast with weights... but i do have 5 lbs hand weights at home. I know i should probably do yoga/pilates to stretch my limbs (they are short and stubby - compared to my MIL who is several inches shorter than me but has longer arms and my cousin who is my height and one WHOLE hand longer in her arms).

I can't stop looking and thinking about how ugly that muffin top is... and its making me sad. What can i do? Any advice that has worked for you? Any of you ladies also top heavy? Where that's your problem area?

And I think i can cover it a little if i keep my hair down... like this:

HELP ME!!!!! Any constructive suggestions and comments that will help motivate me please :)


  1. It looks better with you hair down.

    You might just have to ignore it and push it out of your mind, or try some back excercises.
    Could it also be your body shaper making it do that?
    Was it like that when you bought it? It looks like the dress is too small for you.

    Im sooooooooooo sorry. But your tan is nice, your hair is shiny and your dress is pretty. Might as well focus on the positive.

  2. Cardio...burn calories. If I could be totally honest...I think you look great and I know muffin back and even muffin tops and you do not have one:). But I also know that you have to feel cardio. Happy holidays

  3. i couldn't even tell until you mentioned it! your back is beautiful - no blemishes! if you're intent on doing some work, then i agree with Cam and advise cardio since you can't spot reduce + weights to tone the area.

  4. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Buy it now. Cut back on refined sugar. Eat tons of fiber and protein. No eating after 9pm.

    Do these things, and you'll be golden.

    Mind you, I think you look great! But I know the desire to look at your wedding pictures and not wish away the back fat. I struggled with it, and conquered, using the above equation. Good luck, you're so close!

  5. Turbo jam! worked wonders. I guarantee doing the 10 days straight and then every other day after that will trim the back fat.

  6. Not that I'm a prime example of a conscientious exerciser, but i do def. suffer from the back flab :(. I find that when i do bother to exercise, doing kick-boxing upper body moves REALLY REALLY works my back, shoulders, and upper arms like crazy. You know like taibo style punching, jabbing, pretending to hit an imaginery ball repeatedly. Be warned though you end up with seriously sore muscles afterwards. well i did anyways.

  7. I agree, you look great but seriously Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred works great for your upper body, she combines upper body and abs and cardio in 20 min workouts. I just started mine this week and it's awesome I love the way I feel and I definitely feel tighter in my arms and back muscles. Do it every day, five times a week. She incorporates punches too. You can do it! You want to feel and look your best so do it girl!!!! You only live once and you want to be on top of your game.


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