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December 14, 2009

{Product Review} Vistaprint

I recently received a couple of customized items from Vistaprint. It's a site i've seen often for business related items, but I didn't know they actually can customize for most any event... So here's my product review for the items that I customized through Vistaprint...

Potential Rehearsal Invitations - something casual and cute..."Flat Invitations"

Starting at just $7.99 for 10, or even $59.99 for 100 (2-sided and comes with envelopes!)

Cute small tote bags to use for my bridal party gifts:

You can customize both sides, although I only did one side. These bags were bigger than i thought they'd be considering they are $6.49 for one or a bulk price of $22.49 for 5 of them!

An address pocket stamp that has our Mr. & Mrs. name and address for the near future. These stamps are cool b/c they are so compact and easy to keep with ya... You just squeeze and apply.

These are $12.99 a piece. And very useful when it comes time for my thank you cards! :)

All in all the products are very cheaply priced, they are ordered, shipped and arrive VERY quickly and they reward you if you have to order in bulk. Considering how vast their supply is for any occasion products, if you want to keep things budget - friendly - i'd definitely check out Vistaprint...


Stay tuned, for our giveaway to be announced later this afternoon - 100 Invitations, Save the Dates, or Thank you cards - or any combination thereof adding up to 100.... Yup, that's right! An Awesome holiday giveaway... Come back to enter!


  1. Did you customize each bag when you ordered in bulk?? Or did you pay per bag so you could have a different girls name on each!

    Great idea, BTW! I'm totally stealing it!

  2. Btw - this is what we use for our Christmas cards each year as well as other office and personal items. They also have a section for free items that will let you test other products.


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